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Code of Conduct - Essay Example

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Code of conduct and conflict with ethics and values of today’s leaders Name Institutional affiliation Tutor Date Code of conduct and conflict with ethics and values of today’s leaders Code of conduct and influence leaders’ values In the context of businesses, there have been numerous debates on the implications of codes of conduct on contemporary leaders…
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Code of Conduct
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Extract of sample "Code of Conduct"

Download file to see previous pages Kennedy, Hydon and Lennie (2008) indicate that, a majority of the business leaders are well conversant with the need to put ethics into practice in the organization. In the contemporary business world, most leaders have made numerous attempts to incorporate ethics in the business. This case study shall aim at discussing how the code of conduct within organizations influences or conflict with ethics of today’s leaders. The essay shall also go beyond investigating the implications of business ethics in speeding up the successful operations of business organizations, and also use the example of Professional Code in the educational setting. Incorporation of ethics in the organizations has been credited for its ability to discourage unethical behavior in organizations. For instance, the leaders can be in a better situation to handle tough situations that may force them to breach the terms and conditions of the organizations. Organizations in today’s contemporary world are so undeniable, in such a manner that, leaders’ attention to follow up ethics is almost diminished. With the inclusion of stringent measures on ethics, the organization tends to be in an easier position to evaluate the right and wrong in the organization. ...
In this perspective, therefore, the leaders must incorporate ethical behavior in the organization, in an endeavor, to eliminate the chances that, unethical behavior is likely to stamp it implications on the organization. According to Cane and Kritzer (2010), if unethical behaviors are not detected and eliminated with immediate effect, they are likely to derail the progress of an organization. Code of conducts in this case, influence today’s leaders to maintain the ethical behaviors within an organization. The leaders are also influenced to ensure that, they positively impact their organizations on the importance of the employees to follow the codes of conduct. It is important that, according to Cane and Kritzer (2010), organizations make it clear that, organizations to operate within the confines of the codes of conduct. It is, therefore, defensible to argue that, codes of conduct influence leaders to at all times, ensure that constructive and ethical culture thrives in the organizations. In the case of the organization, the leaders attest to the fact that, it is unethical to collect bribes whilst on duty. The leaders are influenced by the fact that, the definitions of good and bad are well stipulated in the codes of ethics. Vices such as nepotism, corruption are eliminated by the inclusion of codes of ethics in the organization. A leader, who is of good morals is motivated to ensure that the employees work in tandem with the code of conduct, thus their values of good virtue are boosted. Deckop (2006) indicates that, unethical behavior is the major malady that may impact the organization’s functionality. Code of Professional Practice in the Educational Sector In the educational sector, the Code of Professional Practice applies to all instructors in the confines ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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