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E- Learning Insert Name Institution Date: I have much enjoyed being in a class that is involved in online group’s discussion, as I tend to be the one in control of the groups. The Online course created an opportunity that offered me a high and well blended social learning environment; distinguished by the fact that I fully contributed and interacted with both my fellow students and the instructor…
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E-learning that is a Reflection on an Online Issue
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Download file to see previous pages Swan (2001), made me realize and identify the various course designs that has significance factors in finding out the quantity, quality and nature of instructiveness among my fellow students, in my group in a particular course. Kearsley (2000) struck my attention as I learned the significance of the instructor in being skilled, establishing and managing communication in online courses in the classroom, as this will have a nonstop impact on me and the rest of the students. I also prefer the instructor teaching us new skills and behaviors; that I will employ when in collaboration with the rest of the students in a particular course in the group discussions. The quality of learning experience has a positive effect on me and has linked me in a good position to engage, interact and collaborate with the other learned students (Chen, 2008). I want to gain better collaboration in group discussions and develop vital skills in critical thinking, co-construction of knowledge and self-reflection through the social learning and group learning in the classroom. I have come to learn and appreciate quality that learning environments creates and the opportunity for me and the students to involve ourselves in interactive and collaborative actions. It is through precise knowledge of collaborative learning that I have development the vital part of learning that involves critical thinking skills. I have known how to co- create with other students in groups collaboration, and also learned the art of transformative learning (Pallof and Pratt, 2005). Diverse learning styles and cultures have taught me to learn how to handle more learning issues and topics without difficulty, because effectual collaborative learning has a variety of values to learn from. The instructor suggests that the skills that I have gained through the experience of collaborative learning may be transferred to the team - based work environment; which I may use to teach the other students the value of online learning in collaborative groups (Shaw, 2006). Siemens (2005) came to my interest and made me learn that in collaborative learning situation, the knowledge that I personally acquire can be shared and transmitted to the other learners as they strive to work in the same direction of common learning goals. I myself, like the rest of the learners, am trying to perfect processes of knowledge acquisition as I am involved in researches in class assignment, through the period where I exchange opinions with the rest of the students as, I constantly search for information in books, print sources, and the media and also in the World Wide Web. I have improvised my knowledge that I have acquired in co-creating hence sharing it between the ever greedy students who failed to obtain the knowledge from the course material and the instructors. That knowledge has helped me create a bond among my fellow learners as they depend and gain knowledge from me also from the little they have acquired from each others experience. My order of thinking has been improved through collaborative learning in the e- learning techniques and I have gained richer and healthier knowledge generating from the shared goal and process of meaning and exploration into collaborative lea ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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