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Foundation Degree in Early Years - Essay Example

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Foundation Degree in Early Years Grade course 5 December, 2011 Introduction Multi- professional practice in the delivery of services in the UK and other countries is a central government imperative. Having a high quality provision during the early years, have a great impact on a child’s development…
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Foundation Degree in Early Years
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"Foundation Degree in Early Years"

Download file to see previous pages Dedication should also be present in supporting a child’s healthy and happy development. To improve outcomes for children, the government, the early practitioners, the parents, other professionals and the society at large should be dedicated to helping them. This paper will look at multi-Professional practice linking to relevant theory and legislation. The government puts up the legislation which governs the children, for example, the recent policy statement of supporting families in the foundation years. In this, the government’s vision for the early years is that a well qualified work force brings in a real difference in the quality of support that families with young children receive. Multi- professional practice: The foundation years are critically the most fundamental for a child’s growth, also for their families. Early practitioners include foundation teachers, requiring nurses, pre- school and child minders as well as other professional practitioners, who are involved in the early years of a child’s development. Multi- professional practice is required since these children have different needs, which require different, professionals. Joint working is seen as a priority, for instance, it is vital that parents and teachers utilize the children’s trust arrangements by working closely with local authorities in order to, jointly plan, and deliver services effectively (Anning, et al., 2006). Much legislation has been put in place after the education mentally handicapped children’s act 1970, which made all the children the responsibility of the local education authority. “Before then, the responsibility of the handicapped children had been the responsibility of the health service (Tassoni, 2003).” This is because, the children were being considered as impossible to educate because they had a learning disability. “It was the consequence of the 1970 Act that led to the creation of special schools, which gave many children the opportunity of gaining an education for the first time, hence social inclusion (Whitney, 2007).” In the year 1978, a report introducing the special education needs (SEN) was developed, and it came into effect from January 2002. This proposed the recognition of early diagnosis and pre- school support. “The need for parental involvement and the integration of children, whenever possible into the mainstream school was also proposed (Soan, 2004).” “Research shows that, there is a need for coordination and communication between professionals themselves and between professionals and families for quality services to be provided (Townsley et al., 2004).” There are many cases where poor communications between professionals and families has led to poor provision of services. Reviewing the current integration interlude, concern is with the reformation of work relations as a way of creating new forms of social capital. The notion social capital has been used by the government policy makers together with researchers in examining different types, qualities of relationships and configurations. These include professional relations and when put into practice, how they function as resources. “Looking at the co-work of teachers, language and speech therapists, social capital is produced in the analysis as a means of understanding the integration of children’s service impact on professional practitioners groups and across ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Foundation Degree in Early Years Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words)
Foundation Degree in Early Years Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“Foundation Degree in Early Years Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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