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Plan Evaluation for Design Program Name Institution Plan Evaluation for Design Program Introduction This is an evaluation of a program intended for middle schools in Tampa city in the United States. The evaluation of this program is going to use a fixed time evaluation design rather than content evaluation design because the fixed time approach is going to allow us to evaluate the benefits of this program which has a fixed operational time…
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Plan Evaluation for Design Program
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"Plan Evaluation for Design Program"

Download file to see previous pages The data collected will both be qualitative and quantitative in nature. Also in order to assess whether the teachers have understood the 5E’s mode of learning the teachers will be examined both as the workshops continue, and at the end of the series of workshops. The 5E’s mode of learning allows for better learning and understanding of scientific concepts in science subjects by students (Bransford, Brown, & Cocking, 2000). Background of the Project The program is a new mode of teaching that is more effective when compared to the traditional mode of learning. The traditional mode of learning science subjects has been the use of textbooks by teachers to deliver scientific concepts to students and then later testing to assess whether the concepts have been captured by the students (Irvin, Buehl, & Radcliffe, 2006). This mode of learning encourages memorizing of facts rather than understanding them. It is for this reason that the new 5E’s mode of learning has been introduced. This mode of learning involves a five step series of learning where students are Engaged in the first stage of learning, the next stage is Exploration followed by Explanation, Elaboration and Evaluation. At the engagement stage, an event, question or object is used to engage the students as a connection is created between what they know and what they can do. At the exploration stage, phenomena and objects are explored and hands on activities are carried out with guidance. At the explanation stage students are allowed to explain their understanding of processes and concepts as new skills and concepts are introduced to fro better understanding. At the elaboration stage students then engage in activities that enable them to apply concepts and build on their skill and understanding. In the last stage of evaluation students engage in activities that allow them to assess their skills and knowledge and teachers assess the lesson effectiveness and student development. The goals of this project are to enable teachers of science courses in middle school, give students a learning experience that is superior to the traditional approach of teaching (Lambros, 2004). The other goal is to develop the competencies and skills of the students and teachers by addressing any learning shortcomings of the textbooks. The teachers will also be developed professionally through research-based best practice. The objectives of this project on the other hand include: To equip the teachers with peer-recognized expertise in the teaching profession. Secondly, to equip the teachers with skills and knowledge that will enable them participate actively in sustained learning through their active participation in the workshops (5E’s learning model). Thirdly, to help the students be able to analyze the scientific knowledge presented in the textbooks. Fourthly, to enable students participate actively in learning by collecting, organizing, analyzing, interpreting and presenting qualitative and quantitative data and incorporating this information into the broader context of the scientific knowledge (Copeland, 2005). The project will involve two professors that will be in-charge of the workshops which will be teaching the middle school teachers everything there is to know about the 5E’s model of teaching. The program will also involve twenty five teachers from middle ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Plan Evaluation for Design Program Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words)
Plan Evaluation for Design Program Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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