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Educational Enquiry Education Article Analysis - Essay Example

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The articles chosen for this study is “Children’s patterns of composition and their reflections on the composing process” and  “Connecting drama and writing" because they provided two very different examples of how to construct an abstract a study case…
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Educational Enquiry Education Article Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages The article by Myhill is somewhat more vague in its statement of purpose in the abstract.  It essentially states that the purpose of this article was to understand “secondary-aged writer’s compositional processes, both as observed in a naturalistic classroom settings and through […] interviews”. From the reports of the findings, however, it is clear that the researcher was interested in forming particular profiles for particular types of writers, seeing what kinds of writers fit in to them, and understand better how self-aware students were about their writing process.The article by Myhill is somewhat more vague in its statement of purpose in the abstract.  It essentially states that the purpose of this article was to understand “secondary-aged writer’s compositional processes, both as observed in a naturalistic classroom settings and through […] interviews”. From the reports of the findings, however, it is clear that the researcher was interested in forming particular profiles for particular types of writers, seeing what kinds of writers fit in to them, and understand better how self-aware students were about their writing process. The Cremin et. al. abstract did not specify any particular scope or scale in terms of age, beyond indicating that all students in the study were primary students, nor on the size of the study, and its applicability to other fields.  It was, however, fairly specific in indicating it was only interested in drama writing. as a support for developing writing skills. The Myhill article is very specific on the scale of the research, indicating that it was carried out on only “38 children” from “Year 9 and Year 11” (Myhill 2010). It also recognizes the preliminary nature of this research, indicating that the “implications of [the article’s] findings” need “further confirmatory research (Myhill 2010). With how vague the scope and scale of the research is in the Cremin et. al. article, it is very difficult to say whether it was appropriate to answer the research questions presented in the abstracts. The fact that the article gives an overview of two pilot study and a larger main study suggests that it is probably appropriate for the research question, given the narrow focus on drama. The scope and scale of the Myhill article, especially noting its relatively small sample size, are insufficient to actually form strong evidence for the research question. This is acceptable, however, given that the author explicitly states the purpose of this article was to reach preliminary answers and encourage further research. The Cremin et. al. abstract clearly had accessibility as a primary concern: it uses relatively simple language and no academic jargon, though it did have complex sentence structures. The Myhill article was significantly more complex, using terms like “post hoc” (after the fact) and seemed intended for a more professional audience (Myhill 2010). Neither of these articles had attached keywords. Some appropriate key words for both articles would be: writing, writing theory, educational theory, education and pedagogy, because all of these issues are central to both articles. The Cremin article should have individual keywords including drama and primary education, while the Myhill article should include words including secondary education, writing composition and qualitative study to give a good indication as to its subject matter, focus and sample demographics. Upon searching for some of these key words, it was interesting to see that some were much more specific and helpful than others. The keyword “pedagogy” for instance, returned tens of thousands of results on a truly gigantic range of education related topics, as one would perhaps imagine given the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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