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Together at One Altar - Essay Example

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Examining the Resource – Together At One Alter [Author] [Institution] Together At One Alter – Introduction Teaching student about liturgical formation is a sensitive task (Ostdiek, 1986) and some carefully developed useful resources could help children and adults in gaining complete and satisfying among of information about liturgical formation so that they can develop clear concepts and beliefs about different ways of praying and liturgical formation…
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Together at One Altar
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Extract of sample "Together at One Altar"

Download file to see previous pages It provides them a working catechesis on the Eucharist and also allows learning about new translation of Roman Missal. This understanding is necessary to enable students to take active and conscious role in the liturgical celebrations. The information provided at the resource has been grouped into four basic themes including Explore, Craft, Celebrate, Live and the visitors could get hold of the information according to the age group and topic. The resource helps the teachers and parents to make the children well inform and well aware about the concept behind the liturgical formation. It explains each and every step involved in the liturgical ceremonies and also tells them the concept behind all the activities. The resource helps in approaching the minds of the students for making them open to think about liturgy and importance of liturgical formation. It also allows the teachers and parents to explain wide array of information to the children in well-organized manner to eliminate the possibilities of confusing or missing any important related point. Important Features of the resource Understanding the Christian traditions of liturgical spirituality is very important for the children so that the people of today and tomorrow could understand the way of prayers with which the Christians are generally familiar (Bradshaw, 1995) but many still need information and guidance to develop their strong beliefs and concepts while participating in the liturgical ceremonies. For this purpose it is important to get access to the resources that can help teaching the students according to their mind sets and thinking levels so that they become able to understanding the soul of liturgical formation (Baldwin, 1993). The resource contains extensive information about liturgical formation well organized under different sections and topics. The use of graphics makes the information even more interesting and appealing. Since it has been designed for the primary and secondary school students, the basic concepts related with liturgical formation have been explained and explored from the base so that the children could easily understand the basic principles of liturgy and could develop very clear and informed concepts about the liturgical formation. All the four major sections of the resource are devoted to specific themes and under each theme information has been presented in form of rich media focus elements, activities and supporting contents. Furthermore, the links to relate resources are also provides with each topic so that if the students still have some questions unanswered in their mind they can go through the provided links to seek detailed answers of their questions related with that topic. The discussion questions are interesting way to engage the attention of the students towards the resource because it makes them thinking more about the topic and seeking more information to find out the satisfying answer of the questions being asked. Use of Resource in Liturgical Formation Children must be made well aware about the central theme and concept behind the liturgical formation rather simply putting them to participate in these ceremonies. It is very important that right from the childhood individuals gain deep understanding about the soul ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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