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Education Enquiry - Assignment Example

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Education enquiry Name Institution I chose Kellett’s article on research done by people with disabilities because it captivated my attention since the abstract captivated my attention to want to know more about the research done on those children with disability (Kellett 2010, p.31)…
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Education Enquiry
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, Burton, Smith and Woods article talks of a research carried out to determine how teachers working with student improved the student’s participation through pupil-led approach. The research also emphasizes on how educational psychiatrists and teachers are valuable in promoting young people and children understand and apply research skills while working alongside teachers in classroom. Kellett’s research involved young people with disability expressing their view while it mostly entailed disabilities exploring their experiences of youth democracy and meaningful participation in decision?making forums (Kellett 2010, p.31). The paper draws on theoretical frameworks of participation and voice; however, its primary focus is to celebrate and value research undertaken by these marginalized young people. Burton, Smith and Woods article on the other involves modeling young people and children to act as research in a way to improve their participation within where their work, live or receive services. These researchers established that educational psychiatrists and teachers played a big role in improving the children participation in the research they did. In both of these researches, the scale and scope of them were appropriate in the research they took. In both research articles, both authors try to explain what their research questions entailed and a summary of their main findings (Burton, smith, Woods 2010, p.92). From my point of view, Burton, Smith and Woods abstract was a well written one and was written in good language (Burton, smith, Woods 2010, p.92).. There is good use of English and there wording is appropriate in conveying the information they were supposed to convey in their research abstract. Kellett’s abstract shows not well written since the main aim of the research is not clearly understood by the readers (Kellett 2010, P.31). The adequacy of Burton, Smith and Woods abstract is good and can even motivate others to read their research. The expression of the main idea in Kellet’s abstract is obscure since what he was doing and what he found are not clearly illustrated. Though Kellet’s topic is appealing, but his wording is poor in expressing what he achieved. The two did not have keywords. From my point of view, Kellett’s article abstract should have had the key words learning disabilities, children, participation and voice since they carry the main theme of the research work. Basically, the research was aimed at finding the experiences of the young people in exploring their past experiences of youth democracy plus any meaningful participation in matters dealing with decision making (Kellett 2010, p.31). Burton, Smith and Woods abstract should have had the words, participation, EPs, teachers and children. These would be appropriate because the research also emphasized on how educational psychiatrists and teachers are valuable in promoting young people and children understanding. In addition, the teacher’s participation in building the teacher’s motivation should also have been a key figure in writing the keywords as they would assist in searching other similar items in the library search engine or the internet (Burton, smith, Woods 2010, p.92). On using Kellett’s keywords that I generated and typed them on the search ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Education Enquiry Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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Educational Enquiry Education Article Analysis did have complex sentence structures. The Myhill article was significantly more complex, using terms like “post hoc” (after the fact) and seemed intended for a more professional audience (Myhill 2010). Neither of these articles had attached keywords. Some appropriate key words for both articles would be: writing, writing theory, educational theory, education and pedagogy, because all of these issues are central to both articles. The Cremin article should have individual keywords including drama and primary education, while the Myhill article should include words including secondary education, writing composition and qualitative study to give a good indication as to...
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Educational Enquiry Assignment

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Education - Educational Enquiry be conducted as many factors affect the specific needs for a particular research. Bibliography Craig, D. (2009) Action Research Essentials. USA, John Wiley and Sons. Cremin, T., Goouch, K., Blakemore, L., Goff, E. and Macdonald, R. (2006) Connecting Drama and Writing: Seizing the Moment to Write. Research in Drama Education, 11 (3), pp. 273–91. Creswell, J. (2003) Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Method Approaches. USA, Sage Publications. Kumar, R. (2008) Research Methodology. India, S. B. Nangia. Matthews, T. and Kostelis, K. (2011) Designing and Conducting Research in Health and Human Performance. USA, John Wiley and Sons. Madeyski, L. (2010) Test-Driven Development: an Empirical Evaluation of...
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