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2 Million Minutes - Movie Review Example

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Directed by Robert Compton, Adam Raney and Chad Heeter; 2 million minutes is a documentary film which raises stark questions on the competitiveness and efficiency of education system of America…
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2 Million Minutes
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Download file to see previous pages Directed by Robert Compton, Adam Raney and Chad Heeter; 2 million minutes is a documentary film which raises stark questions on the competitiveness and efficiency of education system of America.Taking examples of students from three major competing nations ought to become superpowers- America, India and China, the film addresses issues of schooling, establishing balance between education and extra-curricular activities and overall power of these nations in supplying innovative and intelligent minds (Harvard Educational Review 2011). The movie revolves around 6 students- two each from America, India and China. While American students get themselves more involved in friends and extra-curricular activities; students of India and China not only develop long term goals in fields of Science and Math, but also maintain a balance between other activities. All in all, schooling system in India and China exposes its youth to more comprehensive education and extra-curricular experience than do American system. This is why Indian and Chinese students aspire to become scientists, engineers and doctors, while American kids are dazzled by football players, actors and sports persons. Issues raised in the film The film highlights numerous issues which the American economy is exposed to. Dealing with education system and its contribution in making a nation competitive and self-sufficient; the movie revolves around seeking answers to how American system has lost its motivation of developing entrepreneurs and inventors and how parents are setting deviated priorities for their children. Lack of motivation and unclear priorities Aspirations of students take shape by prominent inventions and research work going on in the nation. America was once the land of space research, math and science geniuses which molded student aspirations to become scientists, engineers and researchers. Now when students see football players, sports persons and actors steal the show, their motivation level and direction has changed. This is seriously going to hurt the American economy in the long run as the latter category of careers do not make a nation self-sufficient and competitive in the fight of global reliance. Responsibility of parents In India and China, most of the poor parents want their children to be educated and independent as they themselves have been living in miserable plights. As such, both the parents and children have their goals clear and focused upon. This is not the case with American parents who have been living affluently and whose children do not understand what poverty is. Thus, American education system suffers from confusion between what parents think and what children want. Another point revealed from this discussion is the level of involvement and responsibility sharing by parents in making their children competitive globally. In India and China, parents are equally responsible for how their children fare in their exams and career. They invest time, effort and obviously money in their child’s endeavor to fly with bright colors. American parents, however, do not take this much of their child’s academic responsibility as they prefer sports and athletics to academics. This is something which raises brows on how students are supported in their goal formation, planning and execution in America, India and China because after school or college, children learn from their home and parents. Stress taking Many experts opine that Indian parents put unnecessary pressure on their children. Students get stressed by subjects and are also not allowed to play or socialize much. To some extent, this is true. But on close observation, it is actually the need of the hour. The world has already been grappled with economic crisis, employment levels have plummeted and careers are not secure. In such circumstances, students need to be accustomed of functioning under stress conditions; otherwise hardships and challenges of life could not be faced. This is what Indian ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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2 Million Minutes Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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