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The Role of The Teacher - Essay Example

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This essay discusses nursery teacher jobs. The writer of this essay has given him respect for the Nursery Teacher than I have never had before. The responsible they carry is enormous and they virtually hold the future of children in the 1 -4 years bracket in the palms of their hands…
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The Role of The Teacher
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Download file to see previous pages The idea of nurseries dates back to the seventeenth century in Europe and the number of full-time child care centers in The United Kingdom now exceeds 11,5000. It is widely publicized by psychologists and other specialized fields of the child learning that these early years are the most important learning years of a child? life. A child formative invariably shape the rest of a child? being. Therefore, it is fair to say that the Nursery teacher has an enormous responsibility in the care of our young minds and although it is usually for only four or five hours a day they will have a huge influence on our children's early experiences and memories. The nursery teacher needs to be a special type of person with the patience and caring to be able to interact with the children on their level as well as communicate with the parents in the same caring but adult manner. It is essential that they create a safe and joyous learning environment for the children and prepare daily, creative and fun lessons with outdoor activities to encourage the development of coordination and motor skills.?children From Well-Implemented Programs Continue Showing Gains in School AchievementSeifert.2004) and studies have shown that the likelihood of antisocial behavior or a need for special extra education are significantly less than that of a child who enters school without experiencing preschool education. Qualifications and Training Each individual employer will have their own personal requirements for the teachers that they hire. The first move in becoming a nursery teacher will be to accomplish a qualified teacher status. ?o Become A Nursery Teacher In A State School, You Must Gain Qualified Teacher Status(QTT)(Directgov,2010). You will achieve this by completing either undergraduate, postgraduate,school-centered or work based on Initial Teacher Training(ITT). (Di On top of the academic achievements required, an employee will be looking for teachers with a strong knowledge of the subjects and activities they will teach. They will be looking for communication skills and an ability to instill trust and confidence in their charges and with an understanding of a child's personal, physical and emotional needs. Patience and creativity will be traits that will be strongly favored. There is the opportunity for the Nursery Teacher to advance their career and maybe become a center director or even, with further studies move on to Kindergarten through to grade three. Likely Daily Issues In child care facilities it is children, usually from 1 to 4 years old that are being cared for and the main key issue is that you are providing non-maternal care. That being the case many days to day problems will arise that the nursery teacher will need to deal with.?abies Don't Only Need Constant Care, They Need Consistent Care.(Leach,2004,p.13). With changing in staffing on a regular basis through shortly staffed split shifts, sick leave and holidays the child is receiving a number of different mother figures and this can be a problem unless each carer gives the child the same, manner of care, attention, and discipline as it is imperative that the child be treated with consistency. This is just one of the key issues the nursery teacher will need to address. Another major issue is dealing with problem children and they will always be there. Tantrums, hitting, biting are all issues that have to be dealt with by the teacher. Decisions on how to best handle them and minimize the disruptions to the other children have to be made. How to discipline a child that you are not the parent of to appropriate effect is a major issue of the child care worker.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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