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From Failure to Promise - Essay Example

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From Failure to Promise – personal essay From Failure to Promise: An Uncommon Path to Professoriate is an autobiography of Dr. Cleamon Moorer where he shares his life’s journey over a 15 years period which transformed him into “his ideal self”. This book is an amazing story of transformation; Dr…
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From Failure to Promise
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Extract of sample "From Failure to Promise"

Download file to see previous pages This book is also a story of faith i.e. the author believes and therefore highlights how God transformed him from being his “ordinary self” to his “ideal self” and in the process directed him from failure to promise. This book has had a huge impact on me. It has made me see beyond my failures. I see hope and feel motivated after going through Dr. C. Moorer’s journey. This story tells us never to give up, i.e. do not be quitters. Life is full of opportunities and by keeping faith and following God’s guidance, anyone can reach unfathomable heights. Dr. Moorer belonged to a Christian family where, from the very beginning he had been taught the significance of education and trust in God in a person’s life. He was born of very hard working parents who had implanted in him strong work ethics. His father had always encouraged him to never give up in any situation and always fight back if you fail the first time around. It must have been the result of this that even after failing a semester in GMI Engineering and Management Institute, Dr. Moorer did not give up and came back with more determination to achieve his dream, i.e. being an engineer. He had to face many difficulties in the way leading to his dream job but again he proved himself to be a fighter and not a mere quitter. The result of his endurance was such that he landed up with a great job in a very reputed telecom company. Dr. Moorer did not stop at that. He left his job and completed his doctorate in business administration to earn for himself the title of a doctor, a huge honor. Throughout his journey, he followed the voices of the learned who taught him the significance of understanding God and making him a part of his plans. He believed and followed the teachings and claims of the Holy Scriptures. Cleamon realized that God was not just a story that he had learned during his childhood at the church, but he was for real. He felt His presence at every important point in his life and that motivated and guided him to unconceivable heights. This story has made me look for my inner voice, try to connect to His voice and silently trust and obey it, in order to discover my real potential. I have learned the skill of endurance and I never give up on my dreams now. I believe and have included God in my plans and I now work honestly and diligently towards my dream of becoming a civil rights attorney one day. Another realization that I had while going through this book was that in this life we all live for our own selves, keep running and fighting for our unfulfilled dreams but, life is much more than that. If God has made us capable, then it is our duty to show Him some gratitude and we can do it by being His ideal son and for that we need to do something in order to improve the lives of at least some people of the society. At the moment I am a student but I try to do my bit by helping out in non-profit organizations, donate money or some possessions to the less fortunate etc. But, once I reach my desired level of professional success, I have certain plans which will at least help a section of the society. I have planned to start my mission by funding the education of at least one orphan. I then want to convey this thought to all my fellow colleagues, friends, relatives etc. and urge them to fund the education of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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