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Who am I as a Learner and who am I Becoming a Teacher - Essay Example

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The difference between a learner and an emerging teacher is one which changes perspective in how the classroom is used. When I look at my own situation, I find that there is a gap between being a learner and a teacher. …
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Who am I as a Learner and who am I Becoming a Teacher
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Extract of sample "Who am I as a Learner and who am I Becoming a Teacher"

Download file to see previous pages This is followed by the different responsibilities that are a part of being a teacher, as opposed to being a learner. Identifying each of these within my personal life and making the transition into the needed responsibilities and changes is the beginning of perspectives which I have to alter the way in which I look at being both a learner and a teacher. The first change in perspective and in responsibility which I have noticed is with the ideology of being a learner in a diverse classroom as opposed to working as a teacher with the need to associate with the needs of different learners. Multiculturalism, diversity, behaviors and other associations within the classroom are the main concepts now associated with the classroom. The demand is to learn how to work in the classroom with the changes and to find new solutions to the dynamics of the classroom (Greene, 1993). I have noticed that working in a classroom as a learner often creates friction because of the same problem. When I am working as a learner, I noticed the diversity and also note that the structure within the classroom doesn’t work. However, as a teacher, there is no solution to the current structure that is a part of the classroom. When looking at the responsibilities of an emerging teacher, there is the understanding that the environment and dynamics has to change for the right change and ability to learn with the diverse classroom. This creates more of an understanding as a learner and the ability to find new solutions as an emerging teacher. The concept of the diverse classroom and meeting the changes and needs that are a part of the teaching and learning further with understanding what is needed to begin teaching. This begins with the images that are in the classroom for the environment as well as how children perceive and respond to this. The image which a learner has toward the classroom and the image which the teacher has of the child is an alternative perspective. There are changes that alter according to the environment and what is occurring between the changing images of the learner and the teacher (Malaguzzi, Emilia, 1993). I know that as a learner, I look at the environment first, which gives a specific impression of the teacher and what the highlights are for the year. This is followed with how the environment may affect or change my desire to learn. I also know that as a learner, I look at how the teacher looks at me and what is expected of me. This means that as a teacher, I will need to create an environment that builds the right first impression. That also means that I will need to be cautious of the images which I have of learners and what is expected. This makes an impact on the learning and the changes which occur throughout the year in the given environment. The environment and impressions in the classroom are furthered with other concepts and responsibilities between the learner and teacher. Teaching as a pedagogical activity is one which requires more than a basic curriculum and the ability to associate with the classroom. It is one which requires responsibilities for understanding what children are able to offer while building the diverse classroom. The curriculum becomes a foundation that should be expanded on by the teacher so there is an understanding of subject material and a sense of responsibility toward what all children need (Van Manen, 1991). This concept is one of the most difficult for both learners and teachers. My experience as a learner is one which has noted this, specifically because of my place in the classroom. There have been times where the curriculum and assignments didn’t make sense; however, the ability for the teacher to be available is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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