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Religious Impact Matrix - Essay Example

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RELIGIOUS IMPACT MATRIX SCHOOL ISSUES Prayer in School Creationism v. Evolution Studying Women’s Rights in the Middle East Saying the Pledge of Allegiance Starting a Gay and Lesbian Support Group Inter-Racial Dating COMMUNITY RELIGIOUS GROUPS Atheist No…
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Religious Impact Matrix
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Extract of sample "Religious Impact Matrix"

RELIGIOUS IMPACT MATRIX SCHOOL ISSUES Prayer in School Creationism v. Evolution Studying Women’s Rights in the Middle East Saying the Pledge of Allegiance Starting a Gay and Lesbian Support Group Inter-Racial Dating COMMUNITY RELIGIOUS GROUPS Atheist No. They do not believe in prayers No Do not believe in creation, considers evolution as source of human existence Yes. They are more supportive of gender equality roles No. Wanted the word God strike out because they do not have religion. Yes. They believe in equal rights Yes. Does no harm in society Buddhist No. They have their own mantras Yes. They believe on creation that is repeated over time. Yes. Buddha is an advocate of right, role and equality of women No, they can substitute name of their deity instead of word God. Yes, nothing in its teachings condemns homosexual acts Yes. They impose equality of men in the world. Baptist Yes. They can pray in silence Yes. They believe in Gods’ creation. Yes. Baptists believe on equality No, they are against using the word in politics. No, they believe homosexuality is a sin Yes. Does not prohibit inter race dating Catholic Prayers are encouraged Yes Yes. Believe God created the universe Yes. Catholics believes on human rights. Yes, they are not against the word God in pledge of allegiance No, gay & lesbians are against doctrines of the church Yes. There is no church law against inter-race dating. Protestant Yes. This group favors prayers in school Yes. Belief in God’s creation Yes. Advocates rights of women. No, the word God is demeaning when used in politics Yes. Supported gay & lesbians civil rights Yes. Do not support racial discrimination Methodist [9] Yes. They have a prayer handbook that could be read in school No. Proposed belief on evolution. Yes Believes on equality [12] Yes, it makes faith evident No Unacceptable, considered demeaning, contradicts God’s purpose Yes. Rejects racism and considers it a sin. [10] Hindu No. There is a time and place of its worship, Yes. Hindus believe in God that creates, destroys and recreates it over & over again. No. Believes on the subordination of man to woman No. Opposes the religious content No, not supportive, not allowed by Hindu culture Yes Does not support racial discrimination Islam Yes Mid-day is their time of worship. Yes. Believe in creation, followed by evolution No. Believes on tradition No. They do not use the word god No, they would not support this; it is against Islamic laws. YES No opposition Jehovah’s Witnesses Yes, they honor the bible and live by its words Yes, their beliefs are based on Christianity and creation Yes, they believe in equality, and do not think they are better than others. Yes, they think the word of God is more important than ideas and customs No. They avoid social controversies Yes. They are not taught to hate people of other countries Mormon [8] Yes. They believe prayers should be recited in school, at home and at work. Yes, they believe in God and in creation No, They believe in sustaining the law. Yes, they believe that it should be sustained according to rules No They believe this should be resisted Yes, they believe in fairness and doing good to all men, No opposition Sikh Yes. They will pray to God before work Yes, believe in God’s creation of universe Yes. They support equality of women No. Opposes the religious content No. Sikhs proclaimed the importance of family life. Yes. Sikhs do not support racial discrimination Judaism No. They pray 3 times a day according to their own way Yes. Creation is based on Christian belief No. They maintain the law Yes. Does not oppose because it has been a tradition No, will not support. homosexuality is condemned by religion Yes Does not support racial discrimination Taoist Yes Do not oppose, belief in unity No. Nothing is mentioned about creation No Do not oppose because of belief in harmony No No opposition because of belief No, because TAO behaves morally in harmony Yes No opposition, Taoist lives in harmony in course of things. SIMILARITIES AND DIFFERENCES 1. Prayer in school. Atheists, Buddhist, Hindu and Juddaism have similar opposition in prayers in schools. Other denominations all agree to pray in school. Moore (26, August 2005) in a Gallup news report said that the public wants moment of silence in praying rather than spoken prayer. Moore’s survey showed Protestants are most likely to favor school prayer (82%), followed closely by Catholics (75%); and majority of non-Christians are opposed on it by 55% to 44%. According to Religion Facts (27 January 2007), Taoist agrees because of its motto to live in harmony with other things. Atheists do not believe prayer will do them good (BBC Religion) 2. Creation v. evolution. Only the Atheist differs in its belief that there is no creation and evolution is a thing of science (BBC Religion). Taoist has no point of reference. Christianity believes in God who is the source of creation (Religious Tolerance n.d.). Hinduism refers to creation coming from reincarnation that is eternal and its evolution is in inhabiting temporary bodies (Flood, Gavin. 24 August 2004) and has similarity with Buddhism (Robinson, B.A. 2005) . According to Robinson, Sikhs believe God created the earth and universe, Jews rejects evolution and has same idea of creation with Catholics; Islam has a belief in God that follows belief in his creation. 3. Studying women’s rights in the Middle East. Women’s rights in Hindu, Islam, Judaism are based on their beliefs and traditions on subordination of man. Mormons think that if this is the law, it should be sustained, while Taoist maintains the attitude of harmony. Taoisim does not struggle or strive (Religion Facts, 27 Jan. 2007) Others which are more western in attitude suggest re-thinking of ethical practices of women’s right in Middle East. On this, Methodists based their belief on covenant’s relationship of being one (The Methodist Church. 2011) 4. Saying the word god in the pledge of allegiance. Religious denominations have different views on the matter ( 30 January 2009) Atheist, Buddhist, Baptist, Hindu, Islam and Sikh are all opposed in the use of the word god in the pledge of allegiance on the context of separation of church and state; that god is a connotation of religion in which they do not believe in. They want the word stricken out of the pledge because not all students in public schools are Christians and others have right to their own beliefs. Christian denominations that include Catholic, Protestants, Methodists, Jehova’s Witnesses and Judaism supports the mention of the word god as it is universally used in their religion, and the pledge is already a tradition. Again, Taoists proclaim their religious attitude. After long and tedious legal instigations, the Supreme Court decision prevailed in upholding the word god in the pledge (Munoz, Vincent Philip. 2005) 5. Starting a gay and lesbian support group. The views of Atheist, Buddhist and Protestants are the same that the lesbian-gay relationships should be respected because of equal rights and not on religion (Religion Facts, 24 October 2005) The others: the Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, Hindu, Jehova’s Witnesses, and Judaism based their opposition on the teachings of the Bible. Jehovah and Taoists are more conservative and avoid controversies. Atheist believes that religion is not fair to women and gay people and therefore it violates basic human rights ( BBC Religion 22 October 2002) 6. Inter-racial dating. There is no dissenting opinion on this matter and all denominations feel racial discriminations should be ended. A survey done by the Friendly Atheist (24 June 2011) group showed respondents saying that this should not be a matter of concern as it is good for the society. A small percent of disapproval came from the white Christian groups and 16% from black Protestants. List of references BBC Religion (02 October 2002) Atheist criticism of religion. Retrieved 02 October 2011 from Flood, Gavin. (24, August, 2009). Hindu concepts. BBC Religions. Retrieved 02 October 2011 from Friendly Atheist (24 June 2011) 16% of white evangelical Christians oppose interracial marriage. Retrieved 03 October 2011 from christians-oppose-interracial-marriage/ Moore, David.(26 August, 2005). Public favors voluntary prayer for public school. Gallup News Service. Retrieved 03 October 2011 from favors-voluntary-prayer-public-schools.aspx Munoz, Vincent Philip (January 2005). Saving the Pledge. First Things. Monthly journal of religion and public life. Pp. 8-10 January, 2009) Should the words "under God" be in the US Pledge of Allegiance? Retrieved 03 October2011 from Religion facts (24 October 2005). Religious views on homosexuality, comparative chart. Retrieved 03 October 2011 from Religion facts (27 January, 2007) The Purpose of Life. Retrieved 02 October 2011 from Robinson, B. A (15 September 2005). Beliefs by world religion. About origins. Religious Tolerance. Retrieved 03 October 2011 from The Methodist Church (2011). Unity & diversity. Open to God Retrieved 03 October 2011 from Read More
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