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Module Synthesis - Essay Example

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The concept of knowing is one which alters according to perception. As information is received and discovered, the ideas of knowing also change into a new format of understanding. This creates a sense of evolution and builds alternative perspectives of what reality consists of…
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Module Synthesis
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Extract of sample "Module Synthesis"

Download file to see previous pages If this doesn’t have the ability to change and create alternative awareness through conscious beliefs, then it also leads to isolated interpretations and conceptions. This is not only important for basic knowledge but also in relation to the classroom and how information is taught to students (Davis, Sumara, Kapler, 2000). Defining how realities and knowledge changes with new information is an important concept relating to changing perceptions according to the fluid ways that discoveries and information add into belief systems both personally and in the classroom. The first way in which knowledge changes is through alternative realities and perceptions which many live with. An example of this is given by Wade Davis (2011), which shows how different cultures have alternative beliefs and perceptions. The main ideology which Davis states in the beginning is that we all live in the same reality and come from the same human species. However, the difference comes with our culture and belief in the perception of culture. The areas we live, ideologies we are taught and expectations that occur when growing up are the main areas of knowledge that form our perceptions and beliefs. These change when the beliefs and rituals vary according to the society, culture and religion which one is in. For example, Davis shows that the knowledge of the world for one individual may be based on reaching enlightenment over a period of time while others are based on the surrounding region and what is required to keep balance in the area. Each of these adds fluidity to knowledge and change perceptions according to the main beliefs of the culture (Davis, 2011). The concepts of cultural differences that lead to alternative beliefs are one of the many facets based on awareness. From the example of Davis, it is seen that perception alters according to the environment, culture and the expectations that are a part of the discovery of various areas. The idea relates not only to how knowledge changes according to culture but also applies to how information can change in the current context of areas such as the classroom. This is not only done with the understanding that knowledge is based on memorization or given lectures and information. Instead, there is a belief and understanding that there is not a fragment in learning. Knowledge comes from the environment, culture, religion, beliefs and rituals that one has. This can be given in the classroom with the way in which teaching occurs and is combined with the society and belief systems one incorporates from outside of the classroom (Davis, Sumara, Kapler, 2000). The idea of culture and beliefs connecting together education and information becomes important with the ideology of integrating the personal beliefs in the classroom while creating more perceptions for those that are learning in a school system. The idea of changing perceptions and knowledge according to culture and environment is further altered with the understanding of personal beliefs and how this is not fragmented. When one is able to change the ideas in their mind and incorporate other viewpoints, then it also alters how the world is seen and what changes. An example of this is noted from Jill Bolte Taylor (2011) in relation to how the brain works. The significant point is that insight, ideas and the personal understanding of the world changes even when an individual begins to use a different part of their brain. The idea ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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