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Mental Health and Behavioural Problems - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Mental health and behavioural problems Mental health and behavioural problems are two areas of the mind that are strongly interrelated. Most of behavioural problems are mainly linked to a mental problem. An analysis carried out in New Zealand showed that one in every four children, aged between three and thirteen years, experience either a persistent or a common mental illness…
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Mental Health and Behavioural Problems
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Download file to see previous pages 1430). Studies show that children said to be hyperactive at three years of age had cognitive problems, this usually is observed to extend into adolescence, and such children bear traits like being antisocial (Moffit and Harrington 34). Randal explains that among the health problems that affect children later in childhood include anxiety disorders, mood disorders, conduct disorders, attention deficit, hyperactive disorders and substance dependence disorders (128). These behavioural problems are explained well by use of conceptual models. These models aim to provide an explanation for the supposed behavioural problem, and it also tries to create a probable solution to the problem. The main conceptual models include biological, psycho dynamic, behavioural, cognitive, sociological, and ecological. In the grid provided below, we will look at each model, probable explanation on how it causes a particular problem and its method of addressing the problem in question. We shall consider gambling as the main problem and analyze the table below. ...
This emphasises on the importance of winning in reinforcing the problem in question. This also basis its explanation on the fact that behaviour is acquired. Treatment of behavioural disorders of this origin is focused on empowerment. It focuses on solving of the issue and not on its cause. Its aim may include harm reduction, self control, or avoidance. Psychodynamic Disorder arises due to the urge to satisfy ones arousal needs. For instance, not winning may act as the reinforce of behaviour such as gambling Focus is mainly in empowerment. Cognitive Cognition focuses on the ability of an individual to interpret and conclude about events that are happening in his or her environment. Cognitive therapy is suggested as the mode of treatment, coping skills are an imparted on an individual. Patient is taught change and relapse prevention. Behavioural This is based on the fact that behaviours are learned. It says that inappropriate behaviours are as a result of inappropriate learning, and vice versa. Treatment achieved by imparting on an individual the various consequences of their behaviour. For those consequences that strengthen behaviour are reinforced, while those that weaken are reduced. Ecological This model takes an individual as a member of a variety of social groups. For children, the groups include school, peers and family. In this model, an individual’s performance is dependent on the nature and type of interaction he has with environment Problems arising from this are solved by identifying classroom, family, peer or group, and community environmental factors that enhance the occurrence of pleasant behaviours. Models Used in Assisting Students with Behavioural Problems The behavioural model is among the most direct and simplest approach to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Mental Health and Behavioural Problems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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