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Th_ Correlation B_tw__n Attendance Patterns And Math Scores of 10th grade High School Students In New York - Dissertation Example

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ABSTRACT: The study in question has two primary correlates as its focus – these are the variables of academic achievement in Grade 10 mathematics among all students in the State of New York, and the variable of attendance. The study seeks to see if there is a positive correlation between both…
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Th_ Correlation B_tw__n Attendance Patterns And Math Scores of 10th grade High School Students In New York
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Extract of sample "Th_ Correlation B_tw__n Attendance Patterns And Math Scores of 10th grade High School Students In New York"

Download file to see previous pages Likewise, for Grade 10 mathematics specific to New York State. This study will take two main methodological approaches, first, the correlative method and second, a regression analysis. Both methods will approach the connection between the two variables in question in order to determine whether or not the effect of absenteeism has the same impact as it does on other disciplines and at other grade levels. Both the correlative method and the regressive analysis will also be applied to a number of variables associated with absenteeism. Can it be said that the causes of absenteeism are the very same for low academic results? Likewise, which among the variables can be said to be the most significant among the different correlations related to absenteeism. Is there one variable which stands out amongst all of the others? This question too will be addressed through the correlative method alongside a regression analysis. In the second half of this analysis, this study will look at some of the limitations of the study. It will be argued that OBJECTIVES: The purpose of the following is to establish a methodology in order to determine whether there is a correlation between attendance and achievement in Grade 10 mathematics among students in New York State. ...
The following will outline the basic methods for investigation which will be the correlation method – that is, a correlation between achievement and absenteeism. Second, the main methodological approach will be a regression analysis. This will take into consideration further variables including those which contribute to absenteeism. Finally, this analysis will turn to some of the limitations of the proposed study. It will be maintained that some of the main problems with the study in question, concerns some ethical considerations around race and ethnicity, and in turn, the consequences of the study. It will be maintained that while the approach to the study is fairly straight forward in methodological terms, there are some limitations in regard to the subject matter and how the very sensitive issue of race and ethnicity is dealt with in the analysis. METHODOLOGY. CORRELATIVE METHOD: Correlation is the linear relationship that defines two succinct variables, and the coefficient is the measure or relationship between the two variables expressed in a numerical term. In the present study, the main variables to consider as correlates are 'attendance' and 'achievement' in the subject of mathematics. The value of such a correlation coefficient lies somewhere between the integers of +1 and -1 which are positive and negative coefficients respectively, and they both represent a perfect positive or negative coefficient. That is, a coefficient of -1 is a perfect negative correlation and +1 is a perfect positive correlation [Cohen, Manion & Morrison, 2005 p. 193]. Phrased in different terms, if an analysis produces either coefficient there is a conclusive relationship defined by the coefficients in question, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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