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What is SEBD and Disability - Essay Example

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SEBD is the acronym for social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.It refers to state where the emotional and behavioural responses differ significantly from responses that are generally accepted as being appropriate in terms of cultural norms…
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What is SEBD and Disability
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Extract of sample "What is SEBD and Disability"

Download file to see previous pages Problems with such responses are known to adversely affect an individual’s performance in the areas of academic progress, self care, work adjustment, social relationships and classroom behaviour. (PLSS, 2011) To put things into perspective, the BBC estimated in a research that the world market for drugs used for the treatment of emotional, behavioural and mental problems in children and adolescents will increase to some eleven billion British pounds by the year 2010. The greatest rise has been seen in drug requirements for individuals with learning and conduct disorders which account for some four and a half billion pounds. (BBC, 2005) SEBD significantly affect the acquisition of skills and learning required for an individual to become a responsible member of society. Adult adjustment is also negatively affected as social, vocational and academic skills are not gained at the desired pace.Although SEBD can present learning difficulties but such a state need not be permanent and can be resolved through the right course of action. Most people with SEBD display accompanying symptoms that are visibly identifiable. Individuals may act out, become phobia ridden, show symptoms of withdrawal, become passive and depressed or aggressive and may even exhibit tendencies to inflict injuries to themselves. Moreover, such tendencies could well easily lead to substance abuse, crime, anxiety, depression, self harm and in the worst case scenario to suicide. (Wetherimer, 2000) Young people and children with SEBD have a tendency to disrupt playgrounds and classrooms. This often leads to the exclusion of such individuals. Moreover, attitudes directed to such individuals by the social groups are often negative. (Watson, 2001) Among children with SEBD, emotional and conduct disorder are the most common problems. Generally males are more likely to suffer from SEBD than females. In terms of exclusion, the ONS reports that almost one third of all children with conduct disorders had been excluded from regular schooling once. Moreover, around a quarter of children with conduct disorders had been excluded from school more than one time. This problem is not merely restricted to children’s behaviour at a specific age alone. Instead the consequences of SEBD go beyond the infant years. A report delineates that individuals with SEBD who find employment are often at a 75% risk of losing their employment because of inappropriate behaviour as well as exclusion from support during training and in the workplace. A host of factors encourage the growth of SEBD but social factors can be seen at the fore front. An estimate by the Department for Education and Skills places the amount of school going children suffering from SEBD between 10% and 20% such that the SEBD significantly affects the ability of children to develop socially and emotionally. (Department for Education, 2011) On the other hand disability can be considered to be any set of problems centred on growth vulnerabilities that undermine an active role of the individual in society. Disabled children have some form of physical or mental impairment that has substantial and long term adverse effects on the abilities of the child to deal with daily activities. Such problems can assume complex shapes such as low IQ levels (generally considered below 60), diabetes, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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