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The Nature of Knowledge: Disciplines and Science Paradigms and Interpreting and Evaluating Research - Essay Example

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This study will be guided by the following research questions: What do you think should be the ‘ends’ of the business and management knowledge system? What future changes to the system are necessary to achieve these ends, and why?…
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The Nature of Knowledge: Disciplines and Science Paradigms and Interpreting and Evaluating Research
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Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that business and management fields are ever changing and the last two decades have seen modifications in them at an unprecedented rate. Radical changes have been predicted and are showing in the fields of Management, marketing, accounting, and finance. In other words, excellence and quality are variables, constantly changing and challenging both the business and business education communities. Marketing of products now needs cutting-edge solutions. This field has developed into complete art form merging with scientific methods. When past methods are used to compete in the market, success chances are greatly reduced. Firms need new solutions and innovations to be able to compete and live up to their brand names. And for this reason, the demand from firms and companies is to have better-equipped graduates coming out of Universities and colleges. In developed countries, future of business education will be complex and will mainly depend on the needs and demands of the corporate employees and students. In countries that are experiencing rapid changes in their markets, traditional business schools can only survive if they can live up to the demands of management education. There doesn’t need to be a rigid system to follow when it comes to business and management. The rapid changes in the business and finance world are sufficient to modify and alter the course of management education. Cause and effect relationship perfectly fits here as the market changes provide the road maps for changes in management education. Roadmaps are not just the possibilities and probabilities of what can happen, they are the plans as to how something can be done. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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