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Practitioners' concerns for children's safety influence the effectiveness of an outdoor learning environment in an early year - Dissertation Example

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Research Findings In past years people regarded risks as a natural process of growth and development but gradually with changing times , taking risks and letting children adapt to risky environments have become unacceptable. And if children are permitted to play outdoors than few things are pre-ensured to impart a safe and secured environment to all children…
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Practitioners concerns for childrens safety influence the effectiveness of an outdoor learning environment in an early year
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Extract of sample "Practitioners' concerns for children's safety influence the effectiveness of an outdoor learning environment in an early year"

Download file to see previous pages In the intervention it was found that children actually preferred playing in the challenging environment due to varied reasons. Some find it interesting as they get their individual space, they feel more responsible and matured and above all there is no one to guide or control them. They all love the freedom which otherwise is difficult to attain. When children were asked 'Why you do like playing were no one sees you?' they replied due to: Secrecy Challenging and scary environment Risky Play It was also found that children are aware about the probable dangers they may encounter and are conscious enough to overcome them as well. When they were asked 'Do you sometimes jump off the swing?', children clearly replied they know that might get hurt and need to be careful because it is dangerous. Use of appliances like hammer etc it also perilous hence they must avoid it. Children take immense pleasure in performing risky tasks though they know that it might lead to injury like bumping into each other, playing fast slides, bikes, tools, swings etc. The deduction that can be made from the above interaction was that children must be allowed to perform activities which they desire but must be thoroughly guided and made known to all possible pros and cons of risky plays so that they are conscious while performing those tasks and activities (Sandseter, E. B, 2007). The essential elements needed are: Practitioner’s hold a different viewpoint regarding risk and outdoor plays. They believe that too much protection and fortification from risk actually deters development and growth in children. Out of the 31 respondents intervened, 61.3 % supported that it is essential for children to play outdoors. The findings clearly state that risk taking must be encouraged through outdoor activities as it would facilitate children in accessing difficulty levels in the later stages of their lives. They should be exposed to difficult situations so that they learn to deal with them. ‘Outdoor play ‘and ‘deep play’ activities help a child to develop personality traits, however risk must be initiated in controlled environment where level of risks are negotiated in regard to individual potential and capacity of a child (Wheway, R, date unknown). The benefits of outdoor play as per the practitioner’s are: Active explorers Increased concentration Physical Development Skill Development Good Health Fun and Frolic Getting accustomed to changing weather conditions Factors that can prevent children from outdoors Unfavorable Climatic Changes Health Concern Legal Requirements Safety Issues Accountability Television, computers, mobile phones etc Lack of Facilities Lack of Qualified Practitioner’s Practitioners encourage risk taking to an extent by which the environment helps a child in: A detailed observational technique was applied whereby both practitioners and children were observed. The research sternly supports children desire to involve in high risk activities in an outdoor environment. It was found that children thoroughly enjoyed climbing slides, balancing, bumping into each other, riding bikes etc but under proper supervision and guidance of practitioner’s. . Children actually enjoy and feel proud to discover their inner potential and abilities and learn while fun Chances were risks were high, were warned by practitioner’s and attempt to avoid them was also made. Risks events like ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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