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The Impact of Induction/Mentoring on Beginning Teachers in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools - Essay Example

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Title Slide: The Impact of New Induction/Mentoring on Beginning Teachers in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Good day! I am proud to present a proposal for a study that hopes to effect positive changes in the area of teacher development. This study will deal with the evaluation of induction/ mentoring programs of new teachers in Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools in North Carolina…
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The Impact of Induction/Mentoring on Beginning Teachers in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
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Extract of sample "The Impact of Induction/Mentoring on Beginning Teachers in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools"

Download file to see previous pages Slide 3: New teachers fresh out of their college education face a whole new world filled with excitement and trepidation. For most, they can be utterly clueless on how to apply the knowledge and skills they have learned in the comfort of the four walls of their classrooms. However, being in the real world with real students is something different, and they stand to face the challenges posed at them and hope they survive it. To support these new teachers, Induction and Mentoring programs have been designed. For this study, such programs will be investigated in relation to three main questions: 1. How do beginning teachers receive support and to what extent does this help them develop their decision to stay in the teaching profession? 2. How do acts of mentoring influence the development of the beginning teacher? 3. How is the mentor program evaluated for its effectiveness in improving teacher retention? This study will explore various facets of an induction program in a large urban school system in order to decide whether the programs are valuable and effective or if they need improvement or complete eradication. Slide 4: Induction and Mentoring programs for new teachers have been designed to address the needs of these teachers. Research has shown that nearly 50% of all teachers quit within the first five years due to these issues (Scherff, Ollie, &Rosencrans, 2006). The identified factors that determine whether new teachers quit or stay in their jobs in the first few years are the following: Many teachers feel they isolated and are unsatisfied with the inconsistencies that plague the profession. The pay may not meet their expectations student behavioral issues emerge, inabilities to participate in decision-making will dishearten new teachers. Undesirable working conditions Lack of teacher preparation Lack of an effective mentor. It is the efforts of the North Carolina Beginning Teachers Support Program to resolve such problems and provide better support to beginners (Britton, Paine, Pimm, &Raizen, 2003). Slide 5: the North Carolina Beginning Teacher Support Program (NCBTSP) starts with a two week teacher-preparation seminar including classroom management, lesson planning, a synopsis of examinations, assessments, identifying student disabilities, classroom organization, instructional feedback that reflects on the lessons taught, and a host of other essential matters. Slide 6: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools have taken up the Santa Cruz New Teacher Project. Induction programs, primarily in North Carolina, have intentions to fulfill requirements of the NCLB Act 2001 by providing skills that will help retain newcomers. According to the State Board of Education, Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools coordinate induction activities that give a framework to carry out teacher licensure programs. In the induction program, exemplary mentors meet on a weekly basis with first and second year teachers. The mentees and mentors are matched according to subject expertise, and meet for two hours before, during, or following class. This project has shown dramatic changes when implemented and “only 5% of participants in the project have left the teaching profession after 14 years” (NC General Assembly. 2007, p. 12). Slide 7: According to Hanes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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