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Adolescent Readers and Writers - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Adolescent Readers and Writers” the author tries to answer the question: How would you evaluate your own ability to read and write effectively on a scale of one to ten? Do you question and interpret what you read or do you usually accept the position of the writer on a general basis?…
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Adolescent Readers and Writers
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Extract of sample "Adolescent Readers and Writers"

Assessment of Adolescent Readers and This assignment provides an opportunity to explore several perspectives on assessment. Part I Read the article titled ‘Assessment Crisis: The Absence of Assessment for Learning.” Use a coding system of your design to organize your response to the article.
My coding system developed in response to the article focuses on building a self-evaluation assessment for students in literacy. This assessment testing and the vocabulary used will be different depending on the age level of the students involved. As we have been discussing adolescent literacy programs, this question is written for that group of students.
How would you evaluate your own ability to read and write effectively on a scale of one to ten? Do you question and interpret what you read or do you usually accept the position of the writer on a general basis?
Part II
Now follow this link to the NCTE position statements:
Click on ‘Assessment’ on the left side bar; then open the piece titled ‘Standards for the Assessment of Reading and Writing’. Read these guidelines and again use your own coding system to organize your response.
In my original assessment question, I was asking the students to evaluate themselves quantitatively in the first part, and qualitatively in the second. This is by design, to implement the two methods of statistical research in assessments. After reading the NCTE guidelines, I realized that the students own use (utility) is very important for a coding system. Because of this I would now change the wording slightly on the second part, to “How would you evaluate your own ability to read and write effectively on a scale of one to ten? How do you use reading and writing on a daily basis to organize your life?” This avoids suggesting answers or interpretations to the student directly in the qualitative assessment question as well.
Part III
Now compare/contrast the documents you read. Use the Common (and Uncommon) Denominators framework to organize your findings.
Common (and Uncommon) Denominators
When reading the two pieces on assessment, record significant themes and details from each in the columns below. Then consider what the texts hold in common, and how they differ. Enter these items in the appropriate area at the bottom of the chart.
Assessment Crisis: The Absence of Assessment for Learning
Teachers must critically challenge their own institutional standards in building new and more effective ways to track student needs and provide solutions to practical problems.
These problems relate to vocational training and career preparation of students in a changing world, and also to changing media, technology, social standards, etc.
Failing to understand changes can lead to the school falling behind in standards.
In situations where standardized testing is not matching with educator expectations or understanding, the importance of student self-assessment and qualitative feedback can lead to new perspectives.
Standards for the Assessment of Reading and Writing
Teachers need to make sure they prioritize the needs of the students in all instances – that is why they are in the classroom, to serve the students as knowledge instructors.
Assessment should build feedback that leads to better learning processes in the classroom and school, rather than simply testing student competency in a subject.
Families need to be involved in the education process as stakeholders or community partnerships.
Assessments need to be fair, accurate, and unbiased to reflect all types of students and learning competencies.
Common Denonimators: Uncommon Denominators:
Teachers need to make changes, adapt,
and improve the quality of education for
students through giving students a greater
voice in assessment surveys.
Top down vs. Bottom-up
approaches to assessment.
[Allen, J. (2008). More tools for teaching content literacy. Portland, ME: Stenhouse.] Read More
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(Adolescent Readers and Writers Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1)
Adolescent Readers and Writers Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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