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A Comparison of the Education System in China and the USA - Research Paper Example

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This paper will talks about two educational systems and will analyze them. Chinese schools where social pressures are primary concerns in American Schools. Both school systems are concerned with education, but the responses of the students is in direct relationship to the way in which acculturation has occurred within the society. …
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A Comparison of the Education System in China and the USA
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"A Comparison of the Education System in China and the USA"

Download file to see previous pages It would be easier for working parents and provide children with a better education. The summer break often creates a situation that what has been learned the year before is not successfully retained, thus much of the next year is spent reviewing what had already been taught. This wastes time and children suffer for nostalgia for a system that no longer has a specific purpose. Another reason that this system prevails is that communities have complete control of their school systems, only complying with federal standards where financial incentives put pressure on the districts. Education is not universally standardized from one community to the next, thus there is no nationally recognized conformity. Certain standards are expected and assessed through tests which allow federal funds to become available, but the systems are still autonomous (Ravitch 105). The American systems are burdened by this autonomy with each community having a different set of expectations and standards that must then be set into a position to conform to state and then federal systems in order to qualify for funding that supplements the community’s own funding for the schools. While this helps community schools to have structure, it does not standardize education across that nation. This creates wide disparities from one educational system to the next. Pressures on students in American schools is most often assessed through per pressures as students compete in the social setting, immaterial to academic achievement. Students do not take their academic achievement near as seriously as the social pressures within their classes and their social structure creates classifications that stereotype each individual student’s experience....
This paper approves that both systems would benefit from a reconstruction of the way in which education is approached. Both systems tend to focus on the needs that the state puts forth for student achievement, rather than the purposes of education. The systems require cultural adjustments to how education is perceived. Both systems are subject to social beliefs that hamper the true purpose of education which is to increase the intellectual responses that students have to the world. Because of being stuck in cultural morays that dictate belief systems that are focused solely on financial success, a great loss of potential is experienced as the end is seen as the only goal, rather than the journey towards that end. Culture is getting in the way of meaningful learning.
This essay makes a conclusion that while greatly diverse in cultural systems, the Chinese and the American school systems suffer from similar results that come from very different sources. The problems with the education in both systems are defined by the failures of the cultures to assess the true needs of students as they head towards the future. While the Chinese culture supports a more realistic foundation of the needs of success, the American system allows for the pursuit of more individuated goals and experimentation with outside activities. The nature of education, however, the ability to become resources for innovation towards a better future is stunted in both systems as students face pressures that are not about academics, but about beliefs that are defined by social pressure. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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