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This paper analyses modern progressive reforms in education. Basic education such as primary and secondary should be made free so that all those who have qualified can attend schools. The paper discusses the importance of education reforms…
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Analysis of Education Reforms
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Download file to see previous pages The meaning of education has changed severally throughout history. This has been due to debates by scholars over what experiences and content result in an individual or society being educated. Education can be formal and informal. Formal education refers to the organized process of instructing, developing and training individuals within a formally structured, certified and approved program or environment. Formal education follows a pre-described curriculum that is administered by trained and qualified personnel. It is usually supported by governments and it leads to formal certification. Informal education, on the other hand, refers to education that takes place outside a formally structured and organized school environment. It is usually not compulsory and some governments may support it while others may not. Formal certification is not given for informal education (Guthrie 43). Generally, formal education in most jurisdictions begins at pre-school. It then proceeds to primary school, secondary school and finally to higher education. The demand for improved education and the efforts towards high-quality standards have necessitated education reforms in the education sector. Education reform is broadly interpreted to mean the major change in how individuals formally access information and knowledge. Education reforms can be implemented by enforcing broad changes in the curriculum. The reforms can also be implemented by educational stakeholders and individual educators (Blackburn 19). This paper focuses on the stands of ancient scholars concerning education and the opinions of modern reformists on the same. It also highlights my position as the writer and which side I agree with. It describes why I subscribe to the school of thought that I have chosen and why I think the ancient schools of thought were misleading. According to Plato, children can never be forced to learn! They can only learn effectively if they want to. In his book, The Republic, he says that learning which is compulsory will never stick in the mind of the learner. However, modern education reforms focus on the spread of compulsory education worldwide. Those who subscribe to this school of thought claim that there were no widespread educational reforms until organized schooling became adequately systematized. Personally, I vehemently disagree with Plato and all those who subscribed to his school of thought. I believe in compulsory education for all. Compulsory education may be described as a period whereby all persons that fall under a prescribed age group, usually 6 to 16 years, attend formal educational facilities. It may also be the compulsory educational attendance of all persons up to a certain grade. In the modern world, democracy, economic growth, and compulsory education have improved the quality, attendance, and value of education. They have created an awareness of the importance of education for all (Swassing 28). I believe that all persons, children or adults, should have continuous access to effective and high-quality education.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analysis of Education Reforms Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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