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What are the similarities and differences between Single Loop and Double Loop Learning - Essay Example

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Lots of theories were developed to give us a better understanding on how learning can take place and how it can be improved in the long-run.Specifically the loop learning models are among the few learning theories that could enable use have a better understanding on how learning could happen…
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What are the similarities and differences between Single Loop and Double Loop Learning
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Download file to see previous pages Given that single-loop learning is more applicable for immediate learning, this model is often applied in our routine and repetitive day-to-day learning (Agryris, 1999, p. 69). Double-loop learning can take place given that errors or mistakes are being corrected by modifying the organizational norms (Choo, 2002, p. 14). Unlike the double-loop learning, single-loop learning can occur in case the immediate action performed to modify or correct errors is sufficient enough to correct mistakes without having the need to challenge the validity of an existing organizational norm. In line with this, Choo (2002, p. 14) explained that the main goal of single-loop learning is to “increase organizational effectiveness without the need to change the existing norms”. Single-loop learning is similar to incremental learning in the sense that the learning of new skills happen through incremental improvement. For example: Knowing that the marketing manager does not appreciate negative outlook with regards to achieving the sales target, the sales people should learn how to deal effectively with the sales manager by simply questioning how the sales team will be able to meet the sales quota rather than saying that the sales target is unrealistic and demanding of their time and effort. By learning how to immediately deal with the sales manager, the sales people could avoid encountering work-related problems without the need to change the existing organizational norms. Double-Loop Learning Double-loop learning is more complicated as compared to the single-loop learning. Unlike the single-loop learning, several authors explained that double-loop learning is more complicated in the sense that the use of this...
Lots of theories were developed to give us a better understanding on how learning can take place and how it can be improved in the long-run.Specifically the loop learning models are among the few learning theories that could enable use have a better understanding on how learning could happ Learning can take place wherever we are. It is possible to learn from our own mistakes or mistakes of other people. Considering the usefulness of loop learning models, this report will focus on discussing the similarities and differences between single-loop and double-loop learning. Similarities and Differences between Single-Loop and Double-Loop Learning Applicable to any types of organizational learning, single-loop and double-loop learning are models that could make us have better understanding on how formal or informal learning could take place (Agryris, 1999, p. 69). According to Kelly (2008, p. 57), single-loop learning can be utilize to increase our stock knowledge and make final decision based on what we already know whereas the double-loop learning is applicable in cases wherein what we have learned in the past could give us the opportunity to create further questions based on assumptions or what we understand about something.Single-loop and double-loop learning are learning models that are applicable in any business organization. As compared to the use of single-loop learning, the use of double-loop learning is more effective in solving complicated organizational problems which requires the need to change organizational goals, values, frameworks and strategies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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