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The ability to conduct a thorough and proper research on any of topic is a valuable one in today’s careers and professional environment. This paper, thus, aims to discuss research proposals and their components, in order to equip the reader with at least an idea pertaining to how to write a research proposal…
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Components of Research Proposal
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This paper, thus, aims to discuss research proposals and their components, in order to equip the reader with at least an idea pertaining to how to write a research proposal. Discussion A research proposal defined is a statement of intent to explore a subject or topic, and following is a detailed plan for this exploration. A student seeks the help of more experienced people, such as their faculty professors for supervision of their research, as well as guidance. For this reason, the students must ensure that the research proposal they prepare is useful, as well as acceptable, and feasible, for every person involved (Kolb, 2008). One can consider a researcher to be a voyager on the path to discovery, where the proposal is the star that guides their journey and help them avoid fault turns. A few essential sections are needed in every research proposal in order to be complete, other than the title page, abstract and table of contents. These are: Introduction When one embarks on the task of exploring something, it always helps to start with a vague yet much needed description of what the research question actually is. This description is a brief statement of the reason for interest in the topic, and the general nature of the concern. There are several possibilities for the themes, which the introduction can have (Ethridge, 2004). It may describe a person or coalition, which raises an issue for the researcher such as change in law affecting taxation in municipalities. Other than this, the topic may just be one that is a subject of interest of concern for the researcher, for which there is not enough information available. Finally, the topic may be related to something that provokes the researchers’ curiosity, like wanting to know what the conflicting opinions of citizens about health policies in a certain area (Ethridge, 2004). The proposal must go on to turn this general concept into a specific research question, which reveals the authors area of focus and the hypothesis it plans to test (Kolb, 2008). The question should be one that challenges or explores a concept, and one that the researcher cannot yet answer. One way of narrowing the proposal down to one such question is to first draft a proposal with several questions, and then specify the line of inquiry. Objectives & Rationale In the objectives, the researcher states their aims from the research, and the specific and general goals it has. The rationale of the proposal (Jansen, 1997) brings forward the problems one can expect from the research, and any limitations that the researchers will face during it. It discusses these while keeping in focus the main purpose for wanting to conduct the research, the ‘rationale.’ Research Statement Here, the researcher will state the research question mentioned above, with brevity and clarity. They will also mention their intentions in the research, and the achievements they have planned. The thesis of the paper, which will follow later on, will revolve around this question. Theoretical Framework (Literature Review) The literature review of the paper will consist of a heavy amount of research, from formal and scholarly sources. This will consist of information both theoretical and empirical. This information will be required to present an argument in light of the question, whether by purporting it or opposing it, in order to build a clearer understanding of the topic (Ethridge, 2004). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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