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Curriculum Design for Inclusive Practice is Central to Effective Learning and Teaching - Essay Example

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This paper will discusse what curriculum is and what inclusive practice is. The word curriculum originated from currere which is a Latin word and its meaning is to run. Inclusive practice is the term used for such teaching practice that involves the learners’ contribution just as well as the teacher is involved in the teaching process. …
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Curriculum Design for Inclusive Practice is Central to Effective Learning and Teaching
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Download file to see previous pages This not only soothes him but wakes in him a wish to excel in his academic life. This is called inclusive practice. The students’ participation in the teaching process is also a form of outcome as is considered as important as the teaching and the learning process itself. The whole process is beneficial enough for the educator as well because knowledge is being shared by working with students and thus improved learning is made possible. The learners or those who are using the services bring out their own ideas and innovation and thus the teacher tends to be at a more informed teaching position. According to Ross (2006), “Inclusive Practice is good practice, and is also about human rights and anti discriminatory approach to mental health. Inclusive practice underpins anti discriminatory practice and is the practical way in which we put our equality  policies/agenda into action.” 4. Curriculum Design for Inclusive Practice An ideal curriculum design for inclusive practice in schools with the aim of improving children’s health and social care should, according to linear tradition theory, help the students make predictions and decisions and efficiently solve the problems by bringing out examples from real life. For example, the curriculum should be flexible enough to accommodate paper and pencil discussion along with the use of the latest technology based tools. It should eliminate the gap (as proposed by the gap theory) between the teacher and the students. Moreover, an ideal curriculum should encourage the students to work in groups in an informal environment where teacher does not act as a boss or a dictator; rather, the students act their own instructors. They discuss the topic among themselves; ask each other questions; and, try to...
This report approves that an inclusive practice curriculum design not only focuses on lesson plans and syllabus, it also arranges extracurricular activities for the children and “includes approaches to teaching, learning and assessment, the quality of relationships within school, and the values embodied in the way the school operates”. A good curriculum maintains an easy but intellectual assessment criterion to assess the capability level of children as to what they have learnt. It should be able to accommodate the latest technology based teaching and expertise so that the disabled children are also able to get individual learning offered by the ICT tools. It should provide opportunities to the students to better cooperate with the teachers and with peers.
This essay makes a conclusion that designing a perfect curriculum that guarantees inclusive practice, especially in children residential schools and care houses, is a huge responsibility on the shoulders of the concerned school authorities. It as “a continuous, cyclic process” which involves an extensive decision-making process so as to meet the learners’ needs efficiently. The curriculum should be able to adjust both the curricular and non-curricular activities so that the students tend to learn different aspects of life and try to apply this learning in different areas of their personal lives. This way, not only they will be able to meet the academic demands of their curriculum, but also they will be able to excel in their everyday lives. Thus, inclusive practice is vital to engage students in the teaching process to eventually enhance their learning process. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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