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Program Review (Fresh Eyes) - Research Paper Example

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Program Review (Fresh Eye) Insert Customer Name Insert Course Name Insert Tutor Name 16 August 2012 Program Review Before implementing a program, it is always advisable to review it. Reviewing of a program is an essential effort that could transform key decisions making process during program implementation (Bresciani, 2006)…
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Program Review (Fresh Eyes)
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Download file to see previous pages This review also determines how to avoid or mitigate these challenges during program process. All these points aim at enhancing success in implementing this program and, thus, achieving the required objectives and goals of the program. Program design is very essential in program implementation. This is because it acts as a guiding tool in the program implementation. According to Wiggins & McTighe (2005), designing of curriculum and learning experiences to meet specified purposes is an essential act of the teaching profession. Therefore, since this program revolves around the education profession, its design will involve crafting of curriculum and learning experiences. The crafting must be designed to help the program implementation team to achieve the objectives of the program. This crafting is not an easy task since it requires employment of both tactics and experience. It also requires teamwork since it would involve several individuals and stakeholders. Therefore, this is one challenge that would be encountered in the course of program implementation. Moreover, for the design chosen for a program to be successful, there are various education issues that it should address. According to Kelly & Melograno (2004, p. 8), “it must address issues of individualization, accountability, and effective practice.” Incorporating specific students’ needs on the program will address the issue of individualization. Enhancing competence of the people involved in the program will address the issue of accountability. On the other hand, ensuring that the program meets the required standards will address the issue of effective practice. Addressing these issues is not always easy since there are several limiting factors. Some of the limiting factors are learners’ learning styles, educators’ instruction style and the learning environment available. This might make addressing the issues identified to be difficult, thus, it is another challenge that might be encountered during implementation of the program. Different learners have different learning abilities and characteristics. This program will involve teaching education professions on effective research practice and management. Therefore, the audience for this program will be the education professionals regardless of area of specialization. Such an audience consists of adult learners only. One major characteristic of these learners is that they have other responsibilities in their life, which they consider more important than learning. As a result, they would be combining learning with their other activities, responsibilities, and duties that they have to undertake in their life. This might distract them from the learning process, thus, making them not fully dedicated to learning. The lack of dedication might hinder the learning process among these adult learners. Therefore, this is another challenge that might be encountered during the implementation of the proposed program. Time and resources are two essentials of any type of program implementation. This means that any type of a program implementation has to use a certain amount of time and resources. A major characteristic of these two is that they are limited in terms of availability. It is always difficult to find sufficient time and resources for implementation of any program. As a result, the resources and time available for program implementation must be maximally utilized. In this research, a challenge of having ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Program Review (Fresh Eyes) Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words)
Program Review (Fresh Eyes) Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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