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Ethical Argument - Research Paper Example

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Abstract One of the primary methods of evaluating students is through testing. In recent years however, concerns on too much testing have been raised. This paper is an argumentative paper discussing the thesis that too much testing has compromised the students’ learning and their emotional health…
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Ethical Argument
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Extract of sample "Ethical Argument"

Download file to see previous pages Finally, too much testing is compromising the emotional health of students, causing them severe anxiety and interfering with the learning process. With these elements to consider, too much testing is not an effective method of learning and major changes must be implemented soon in order to promote better learning and outcomes among students. Testing Anxiety in Schools Introduction Testing is one of the ways by which schools evaluate and assess the efficacy of the learning process among students. The process of testing includes short quizzes and long periodic examinations with varying states of intensity and duration. These tests naturally cause moments of anxiety among students who often have to go through moments of stress with each test. The stress also often lasts from the time the tests are announced to the time the results are released. In between these tests, these students also have to endure the constant strain of studying, of doing projects, finishing homework, and the possibility of unannounced tests. The age and the maturity of students in dealing with these school demands do not seem to be a major concern among some educators. In recent years, concerns about too much testing and too much homework have been pointed out by parents, teachers, and by students themselves. They also point out that too much testing is causing much anxiety among students, often compromising their learning and emotional development. Not everyone shares their concerns however, with other parents and educators arguing that testing is an essential part of the learning process and that the number of testing is sufficient for effective learning. Based on these contrasting arguments, this paper shall discuss the thesis: Too much testing in schools is compromising the students’ learning and emotional development. This essay will first provide a literature review on the development of this issue. Secondly, it will present the supporting ideas for this argument. Each reason or argument shall be presented in ascending order based on strength. Thirdly, possible arguments and arguments to these supporting arguments will also be discussed and rebutted. Finally, this paper shall end with a conclusion, further reiterating the main arguments of the paper and providing a clear answer and support for the current position in this thesis. Literature review A Los Angeles Times (2011) editorial discussed that the federal policy No Child Left Behind has become a very rigid policy because it emphasizes the need to carry out standardized tests for English and Math. This article also pointed out how the tests do not focus on the essential learning processes which students can apply in their lives. In effect, these tests do nothing more than cause anxiety to students, and do not contribute significantly to the overall academic development of students (Los Angeles Times, 2011). In a study by Barton (1999), the author discussed that there are some negative trends in the American educational testing system. This trend has been on the proliferation of standardized testing, which has increased in number and frequency. Barton (1999) emphasized that increase in standardized testing has made the educational process and system quantitative in approach. However, the schools and the learners are short-changed in terms of the information which students need in order to claim ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ethical Argument Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
“Ethical Argument Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words”, n.d.
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