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Why Students drop off from School - Annotated Bibliography Example

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This paper focuses on how joining college means to give up time for students and devote all their time to studies and achieving high grades in order to be successful in the future, get a good job, earn for the family and basically live a happy life. …
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Why Students drop off from School
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Extract of sample "Why Students drop off from School"

Download file to see previous pages This book revolves around the issue that how the behavior of a student can be the reason why he/she is not committed to school and doesn’t pay attention in class. This unserious and lazy attitude can result to bad grades, punishments which can affect the confidence of one individual. They start disliking everything about the class and ultimately even the lessons taught in them. Students start to bunk class, get absent frequently, forget to do their homework, projects etc. which results to a bad report. If the student fails, then he/she has to repeat the grade. That student has to go through the same classes another year, which doesn’t bring about a difference in his/her character again. Like the book says; “This further bores the student (p15).” The book tells that after numerous research, the number one reason students gave as to why they drop out school is because of lack of connection to the school, an observation saying that school is boring. They feel unmotivated, academic requirements and personal situations discourage the student from doing well at school. Another thing noticed was that these students hang out with people who are also not interested in school at all, bunk classes and just want to have fun. This non-serious attitude of their group makes students think it’s cool or fun to skip school and not pay attention in class. The book explains that lack of communication between students, parents and teachers is main reason behind drop=off and effective communication could resolve this issue. The author believe that “our student would be achieving more, more of them would be graduating and they would be better prepared for college or careers (p6)” Judith L. Meece, Jacquelynne S. Eccles. Handbook of research on Schools, schooling and human development. London: Routledge, 2012. Print The study in this book informs that feeling unmotivated or uninspired to work hard was a major factor in the drop outs’ restlessness with school. In focus groups, the teenagers said how school was uninteresting, uninspiring, and irrelevant and that they didn’t learn anything. The academic requirements were also very high; too much homework and work load worried these students which made them lose interest. Some corny students take every word of the teacher, personally sometimes, which builds hatred towards the school and everything about it. The book appears very ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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