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The Effects of Acculturation and Assimilation on Second Language Acquisition - Research Paper Example

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In the recent past, globalization trends have dissolved physical boundaries across the globe. Currently, there is free flow of information, goods as well as services from one region to another. This has increased interactions between and amongst communities. …
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The Effects of Acculturation and Assimilation on Second Language Acquisition
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Extract of sample "The Effects of Acculturation and Assimilation on Second Language Acquisition"

Download file to see previous pages Both social and economic sectors have been affected by the respective transformations. In the social sphere, the education sector is perhaps the most affected. Increasingly, populations are being compelled to develop more integrated methods of transport and communication. Communication is particularly important in the environment because it enhances understanding of the knowledge that is passed across in various institutions. Indeed, it cannot be disputed that effective communication fosters understanding and enhances consumption of the respective information by the students. This is at the core of the primary goals and objectives of education. In essence, effective communication aids in promoting sustainable development in this sector. In the education sector, communication amongst students and teachers promotes the establishment and development of lasting positive relationships. Through these relationships, students are able to understand and appreciated the knowledge that the get and skills that are delivered to them. The teachers or instructors on the other hand have an easy time to pass on important concepts to the students. Effective communication prevents possible conflicts that are likely to emanate stem from incidences of misinformation. As indicated earlier, globalization trends have led to the free movement of students form one region to the other. As a result, it has diversified learning environments with respect to culture and particularly language. Current trends indicate that students go to great lengths to attain quality education. Certainly, this is requisite for effective functioning in the society. The students are compelled to pursue this good by the changing environments in the corporate sphere. Seemingly, successful business entities prefer personnel that are well equipped with respect to knowledge and skills. This enables respective organizations to attain a competitive edge and realize optimal outcomes in their endeavors. Likewise, most businesses always seek to enhance their performance with regard to profit making. One of the most important factors in the current education sphere pertains to language. In order to function executively and realize optimal outcomes in the current diversified learning environments, both students and teachers are being compelled to learn a second language. Usually, their first language includes their native language and is useful in the local learning institutions. When they get to national and international levels, they are always required to acquire knowledge about a second language. This enables them to communicate effectively in their learning environments and understand the information that is passed on to them. In addition, it enables them to address the challenges that they face especially considering that most of them learn from foreign environments. At this point, it is worth appreciating that language is an important cultural component that aids in understanding the ways of life of a certain community. Effective learning only takes place in environments that are peaceful and devoid of unnecessary conflicts. In most instances, conflicts that occur in the learning environments tend to be closely associated with cultural differences. In this respect, it is also worth noting that culture is a very sensitive social aspect that is intrinsic of a people’s behavior and general way of life. Relative conflicts are therefore equally sensitive and the likelihood of these spurring into more complex conflicts is very high. In the learning environment, this is undesirable and can compromise the wellbeing of the entire school fraternity. It is for this reason that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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