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Literacy and numeracy demands in lesson plans - Assignment Example

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The following are the learning outcome for the numeracy demands over the next four weeks
Attaining numeracy skills gives the students the ability to select form known numbers, data concepts, measurement and special information and use them to the mathematical demand and day to day activities.
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Literacy and numeracy demands in lesson plans
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Extract of sample "Literacy and numeracy demands in lesson plans"

Download file to see previous pages The following are the learning outcome for numeracy demands
• Be able to measure distances on the map using the scale provided
• Student should be able to locate places of interest using the map direction and scale
• Students should be able to read the compass direction of a place and pinpoint some of the resources found in Victoria
• Students should be able to locate various human environments, spread of settlement, population, towns and cities and land use in Australia.
• Students should be able to know why environments change
• The students will be able to identity a grid and read its location
Literacy learning outcomes
Literacy skills help the learner understand the aspects of language and how to employ these aspects in managing school work and social life. Literacy skills are developed through writing, speaking, listening, viewing and reading. Literacy shapes the way students view themselves in relation to their environment.
• Students should be able to find information on the maps and share it
• Students should be able to describe the accurate location of places on the map
• Student should be able and become familiar to tourist maps
• Students should be able to answer the question asked in the text book and share and check the response with the others
• Should be able to present their conduct group discussion and share the knowledge in class
Justification of the numeracy demand...
Teaching numeracy skills among ESL and SOSE learners will socialize them towards believing that numeracy skills are important and can be imbedded in their school and social life (Kemp & Hogan, 1999). Numeracy skills is not all about solving mathematical problem but being in a position to effectively sue them as required in normal life instances. According to Fin (1991), the interest of understanding how the school curriculum of the Post-compulsory Education and Training affected Australia’s economy began in the 1990’s. To investigate into the matter a commission was formed by the government to articulate the links among the sectors of schooling, training work and higher education. The results of the review indicated that numeracy cuts across all disciplines and that that it is relevant to the Australian economy in diverse ways. To be able to perform well in their overall aggregate mark, students need to have high level of numeracy skills. Numeracy is used in class in learning other subjects such as physical education, geography, English among others. If a students skills in numeracy are not proficient the chances of performing well in other disciplines is relatively low (Barin, 1990). The student’s numeracy skills are essential in helping them figure out different places on the map. In this case, most of the S1 learners among the foreigners are not conversant with the directions and places around Australia. To help them familiarize with the new environment, the use of compass direction plays a central role. Learning how to find out direction through the use of a compass makes their life in a foreign land safe and easier. Lack of this skill may slower down the rate settling in Australia thus affecting all other social interactions. This skills also comes in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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