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Child Education - Assignment Example

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This paper talks analyzes educaton for children. Early childhood can be said to include a set of; principles, concepts as well as facts. As such, they not only tend to explain and describe the process involved in the transformation of immaturity aspect to the maturity status and functioning but also account for them…
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Child Education
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Extract of sample "Child Education"

Download file to see previous pages This paper describes in any human being, there are several stages that he passes through, that is, there are several stages in between the Conception and death of a person. Development of a human being is usually divided into several life aspects that includes; emotional, physical, social as well as cognitive development.
This essay analyzes the behavior of Zayaan
This paper comes to the conclusion that the biggest issue facing the teachers is children’s education. Teachers as well as the children’s parents need not only think but also care for the needs of the children. In the light of this case involving Zayaan, it is evident that the development of a child in a positive way is dictated by the way the people close to him relate with him. If they can not relate with him, then most of the stages of a child development will just go unnoticed and as such, that child will tend to develop an aspect of redundancy. At such tender age like of that of Zayaan, it is suitable that the child is close monitored to detect any deviation from the normal development and thereby correcting the child. The kind of behaviour that this child show poses as a great concern and therefore, it necessitates an intervention. The parents and the teacher should enter into a new mode of interactions with the child so that he can feel he is loved and hence a sense of belonging. What this child needs is response of the care giver by ensuring that they enter into a new mode in regards to interactions with the child. As such, the child will tend to realize that the situation is a constraint and thereby striving to overcome it (Oakley, 2004). Review of the Literature Early childhood can be said to include a set of; principles, concepts as well as facts. As such, they not only tend to explain and describe the process involved in the transformation of immaturity aspect to the maturity status and functioning but also account for them (Katz, 1996). Development is usually divided into several stages, which include; Physical, social, emotional, cognitive and social developments (Berk, 2000). Bredecamp and Copple claims that, at the age of 6-10 years, a child is usually characterized by gross motor developments occurring in a rapid manner (1997). As such, he is able to reason in a great way, he is able to solve questions, and the fact that he is able to assimilate shows a cognitive development. The vocabulary of the child also increases rapidly. Moreover, his written communication capabilities also develop. In the social aspect, the child starts understanding the perspectives of other people and further, he becomes conscious of fairness and therefore tries to monitor his own behavioural attributes. Influences of Early Childhood Development The practices that enhance the development of a child are mostly influenced by theories addressing child development. According to Berk (2000), a theory is a set of statements, which are integrated and which tend to describe, predict or explain behaviour. A child’s development is a kind of a social constructivism (vygotsky, 1896-1934). He further asserted that a child development is mostly determined by the prevailing culture. According to Berk & Winsler (1995), a certain number of tenets exist in social constructivism. As such, these tenets are usually unique. Practices According to Katz, child development theory knowledge is ideal in guiding educational practices (1996, p. 136). Scott & Bowman, assert that theories addressing child development are essential since they assist a researcher as well as teachers to guide their observations (1997, p. 170). Teaching to Enhance Development and Learning According to Buchanan et al. (2003), the teaching young children should comprise of giving children an opportunity for choice, promoting collaborative attitude in children and use of a variety of strategies for teaching among others. In a study conducted by McCormic and colleagues it was found that the provision of choice in selection of learning materials and activities were essential as they aided in performance of a child. Establishing Reciprocal Relationships with Families The indicators used n assessing the involvement of a family in serving the young ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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