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Enterprise Information Security and Privacy - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Enterprise Information Security and Privacy” the author focuses on e-commerce, which captured the online marketing arena. Goods and services worth billions of dollars are traded every day on the internet. This makes it highly alluring for fraudsters…
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Enterprise Information Security and Privacy
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Extract of sample "Enterprise Information Security and Privacy"

Download file to see previous pages The PCI DSS was created primarily created by Master card and Visa but later on, we're joined by three other premium credit card companies to form an independent council to counter online credit card fraud. The American Express, discover financial services and JCB were the three other companies that decided to take an active part in the stand taken by Visa and MasterCard. To understand the effectiveness of PCI DSS it becomes crucial to understand its core functionality and the reasons it was devised. The objective of PCI DSS is to build a secure network, protect cardholder data, maintain a vulnerability management program and implement strong access control measures (Wright .2008.Page11). In today’s time when security has become such an important factor PCI, DSS has brought standardization for growing
Seventy-nine percent of organizations in our study had at least one data breach. Only 21 percent reported that they had none. Of those respondents who report their organizations experienced one or more data breaches, 64 percent had to publicly disclose the data breach (20 percent for all data breach incidents and 44 percent for some data breach incidents).
PCI DSS helps customers protect their [personal data. It also helps in increasing customer satisfaction by negotiating their security concerns. It always shields them from unwarranted financial losses or remedial financial burdens. It further maintains complete consumer trust and ensures the complete safety of the brand. Its periodic checks are very beneficial for stores as well as customers. The main reason it is supposed to be more safe and cordial for the customers is because of its inherent quality to protect the cardholders thus minimizing business risks. However, the PCI DSS hasn’t still found its complete ground. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Enterprise Information Security and Privacy Assignment.
(Enterprise Information Security and Privacy Assignment)
Enterprise Information Security and Privacy Assignment.
“Enterprise Information Security and Privacy Assignment”.
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