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Can E-Commerce and Alleviate Poverty in the Developing World - Assignment Example

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The paper “Can E-Commerce and Alleviate Poverty in the Developing World” examines particularly the role of e-commerce in the alleviation of poverty in developing countries. The paper begins with a general presentation of the issue trying to highlight the most significant aspects of the particular subject…
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Can E-Commerce and Alleviate Poverty in the Developing World
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Extract of sample "Can E-Commerce and Alleviate Poverty in the Developing World"

Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, this research is rather indicative of the first trends characterized by the expansion of e-commerce globally. E-commerce has become today the main ‘tool’ for the development of business activities even for companies that were traditionally related to specific regions or companies that have rejected primarily the e-commerce as a ‘tool’ for the increase of their performance. On the other hand, it should be admitted that the USA is the country where is e-commerce has been chosen as a primary tool of the trade for business activities. Other countries around the world are also participating actively in the use of e-commerce as a valuable entrepreneurial strategic tool. It should be noticed however that the appearance and the operation of e-commerce have created a series of specific standards regarding the business operation. The reason is that in order for e-commerce to be really productive in accordance with its mission, it is necessary that the employees involved are informed on the relevant technology, i.e. of the systems and the software ‘engaged’ in the particular online activity. In other cases, e-commerce cannot offer businesses a particular advantage. The above fact has led to the need for the development of the knowledge of employees involved in the relevant procedure. But in this way, workers that do not have the necessary knowledge are excluded from the workplace. In other words, the development of e-commerce around the world can lead to the increase of unemployment particularly in developing countries where people cannot have the access to the appropriate knowledge for handling the systems related to e-commerce activity. The use of expatriates by countries around the world cannot be a viable solution to the confrontation of this problem if taking into account that the control of the company’s e-commerce activities usually requires the participation of many persons. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Can E-Commerce and Alleviate Poverty in the Developing World Assignment, n.d.)
Can E-Commerce and Alleviate Poverty in the Developing World Assignment.
(Can E-Commerce and Alleviate Poverty in the Developing World Assignment)
Can E-Commerce and Alleviate Poverty in the Developing World Assignment.
“Can E-Commerce and Alleviate Poverty in the Developing World Assignment”.
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