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Latest technology in battery for electrical vehicles - Research Paper Example

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They are, therefore, quick and have a range that allows movement within the cities (Czapnik et al., 2015). These vehicles avoid environmental pollution that is associated with other…
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Latest technology in battery for electrical vehicles
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, these cells need to be frequently recharged. Since the discovery of electric cars, countless breakthroughs in technology have been made over the previous decade. These innovations are aimed at translating into commercial batteries that store energy and are cost effective. Improving the electric drive vehicle batteries, such as plug-in electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles is critical enhancing the environmental, economic, and social sustainability (Czapnik et al., 2015). In essence, changing to light-duty hybrid electric vehicles and plug-in electric vehicles may reduce a country’s dependence on foreign oil by approximately 60% and also reduce emission of greenhouse gas by about 50% (Czapnik et al., 2015). However, these reductions are dependent on the particular mix of technologies employed. With the numerous electric vehicles that are being made available on the market, efforts to make further improvements in electric vehicle batteries would not only make these cars more affordable but also more convenient to consumers.
The vehicle technologies office has come up with numerous initiatives that focus on reducing the weight, cost, and volume of the batteries, while concurrently improving the performance of the electric vehicle batteries in terms of durability, energy, and power (Harris, 2012). The ability of these cells to tolerate cruel conditions is also improved. Besides light duty vehicles, manufacturers of some heavy duty vehicles are emulating hybridization of heavy and medium duty vehicles to enhance fuel economy. Realizing the goals of these researchers in these areas as well as commercializing innovative energy storage technologies enables more individuals to buy and use these electric drive vehicles (Harris, 2012). Moreover, this latest technology in electric vehicle batteries helps the energy department to meet the electric vehicle needs. This makes the United States the first nation globally, to produce affordable plug-in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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