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Strategic use of Design-Thinking - Essay Example

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Design thinking can be described as a cognitive process of developing practical improvements to organizational performance by combining rationality, empathy and creativity (Jones, 2008). …
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Strategic use of Design-Thinking
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Download file to see previous pages Design thinking is quickly emerging as the best method for strategizing on developing the future of a business or an organization and is gradually replacing the scientific method or analytical thinking or as a strategic method (Jones, 2008). Strategic design thinking as a method is emerging as one of the most influential techniques in the management and design of several programs that are geared towards improving the management operations. It is one of the most powerful tools for transforming the current operations of an organizations and creating strategies for future improvements in designs, programs, projects and business operations (Jones, 2008).
Design thinking is solution focused or solution based and aims at producing practical and creative resolutions to emerging problems and improving future results of the organization’s operations (Kelly, 2006). Strategic design thinking starts with the goals or the objectives as opposed to starting with the problems. By focusing on both the present and the future aspects of the problem, all parameters of the issues at hand are explores simultaneously. Strategic design thin king mostly occurs in artificial or in the built environments such as in the artefact industry. The concept of design thinking is however also very important in management of large corporations that seek to maintain their market share and create new designs if their products as a way of maintain and attracting more customers as the companies move in to the future. One company that has benefited a great deal over the years from strategic design thinking is Apple Inc. Apple Inc is one of the leading multinationals in the technology industry, known for its computer brands such as Macintosh Computers or simply the Mac and mobile phone brands including the iPhone among a host of other technological brands (Fisher, 2008). Apple is the second largest technology firm in the world by revenue and is the world’s third largest manufacturer of mobile phones (Fisher, 2008). This places the company among the biggest firms in the world of technology amid immense competition from other established multinationals in the industry. In 2012, Apple was ranked by Fortune magazine as the most valuable brand in the world today (Fisher, 2008). The company’s position in the market requires a lot of innovation as it moves forward in to the future. The company has to keep producing the best designs for mobile phones and computers as well as coming up with other creative solutions that will keep the company alive in to the futur ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Strategic Use of Design-Thinking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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