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Product Reliability - Research Paper Example

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Product reliability Date Product Reliability Definition of the problem Over the years, there has been the need to cut down the cost of electricity occasioned by the poor quality and energy demanding incandescent bulbs. The British technology company, Hulger has finally solve the problem by coming up with plumen, a recent bulb that is envisaged to usher serious revolutionary in the lighting industry…
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Product Reliability
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Extract of sample "Product Reliability"

Download file to see previous pages s, 2008). They are long lasting i.e. almost up to a decade (8 times the incandescent ones) and are friendly to the environment. in this case, the technological expediency has solved the problem of outrageous power consumption by the former incandescent bulbs to the newly energy saving and efficient plumen ones. Description of the problem All over the world, there is a concerted effort to mitigate on unnecessary power wastage and this is a concern that has attracted the international attention. The law of energy unequivocally states that it is only transformation that can be done to energy but cannot be destroyed nor be created. In the definition, one comes to understand the reason behind being stringent with energy to the extent that all options are being explored to ensure the loss is highly mitigated. One sure way of achieving the above stated objective is designing and use of proper manufacturing materials that put into accounts the goals and targets of saving energy. In pursuit of the above, Hulger tech company has designed a new bulb that will save enormous energy as compared to the ancient type. The technology is envisaged to be rapidly embraced in the United Kingdom and the US (Murthy, Rausand, & Ostera?s, 2008). ...
They have continued to boomerang on the daily basis. Just to mention but a few; the consumers have been compelled to contend with the ever escalating power tariffs which are not economically viable due to the energy that is lost by the use of facilities that are not energy mindful. Power rationing has characterized a number of nations leading to closer of the lifeline industrial activities in most parts of the developing countries thereby leading to massive retrenchment of the employees (Murthy, Rausand, & Ostera?s, 2008). Industrial growth has to stagnate in this situation and this is resulting into unrepeatable dent in the overall country economic growth. At times, a country may be forced to spend excessively on power importation and this may equally affect a country’s balance of trade. Generally, energy efficient bulbs should be embraced in a country totally, as it is a recipe for horizontal economic growth. Relevance Statement It is certain that conservation of energy is an important issue that does not put into account the social and cultural backgrounds. The research is more of professional and not that is hinged on the social and cultural background of the diverse human nature. Energy conservation is irrelevant of the social and cultural background of any individual and in the research, there is no possible area where there could be a clash of the two areas of interest. The only relevance is that it can be used to find a solution to cultural and social practices that are endangering conservation of energy. In this case, they will embrace the technology and participate in the conservation process. Scope of inquiry In the endeavors to solve ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Product Reliability Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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