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Who is Afraid of Virginia Woolf - Book Report/Review Example

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This essay discusses the play “Who is Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”. The author of the play intends to capture the family situation among the American people. This piece narrates how the society in America perceive family, and, the actual situation in reality…
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Who is Afraid of Virginia Woolf
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"Who is Afraid of Virginia Woolf"

Download file to see previous pages The play uses the characters to bring to reality the actual situation in marriage life. The author uses the play to pass messages about the challenges in marriage as presented in the life of George and Martha. Marriage, as depicted in the play, is not what the society perceives it to be. The marriage of George and Martha is not rosy. Martha invites Nick and Honey to share these revelations, and it shows out in the way they argue
The target audience of the piece includes the young couples and those planning to get married. Both audiences have expectations in their marriage life. The play, therefore, prepares those planning to get to be ready to face the challenges that come with the marriage. It is a revelation to the young couples because their initial expectation is entirely different from the reality of marriage. Therefore, the play is a description of what to expect when people get into marriage.
The language that the author uses is full of vulgar. The insults are shown in Martha’s words towards her husband in the presence of the visitors. The language is informal too, depicting the voices of drunkards in the play. It is not friendly to Nick as it is full of vulgar and this behavior triggers Nick to request an exit from the visit because he is uncomfortable with the languages. The language used in the play is lusty, and this is seen in Martha’s seductive language to Nick when they dance. Therefore, the language shows that the play has an audience of a particular age group that is mature. It is, therefore, advisable for controlled viewership, as it is not suitable for children. The language gives the viewer the actual situation of family life. The occurrences in the play area description of what is happening in families and the language used when under the influence of alcohol. Therefore, the author uses this language to give the readers the real picture as things happen. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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