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The Effect of Narratives, Myths, and Folktales on Modern Cultural Practices - Essay Example

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This paper "The Effect of Narratives, Myths, and Folktales on Modern Cultural Practices" discusses the influence of narrative and folk stories on the modern-day culture while outlining the theoretical and practical importance of narratives in dynamic psychotherapy…
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The Effect of Narratives, Myths, and Folktales on Modern Cultural Practices
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Extract of sample "The Effect of Narratives, Myths, and Folktales on Modern Cultural Practices"

Download file to see previous pages Narratives are a reflection of the daily activities of humanity, which makes them effective at communication messages relating to social problems and their possible solutions. In recent years, the therapy nature of these tales has been highly regarded and is now standard practice. Narrative therapy seeks to understand people’s identity, their challenges and the direct impact on their life. The technique separates a person from his or her challenges in life and instead assumes the person to be skillful, competent and have the ability to terminate his or her problems. Narrative therapy has undergone great dynamicity from the traditional storytelling for social fun to modern cultural practice as a healing technique.

Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung are the first folklorist and mythologists. Their ideas are of significant application in the twentieth century, and their theories have made it easier to interpret the mythology. The two came up with words such as ‘ego’ and archetypes that are common in the modern-day language (Baring and Cashford, 1991, p. 167). Freud’s whole idea of coming up with his theories was motivated by the desire to understand his clients who were Viennese and lived in a place where emotion was highly subdued. He was brought up in an environment that promoted self-belief and self-importance. Freud believed that in his self-developed theory he could successfully describe the mental nature of his clients who were mainly wealthy middle European Jews through psychoanalysis (Freud et al., 2001). This idea gained fame more than contemporary psychology and psychiatry. Edward Bernays played a crucial role in his popularity by advocating English translation for his book.

Freud’s writing has been termed as myth-making since he used classical tales to come up with metaphors. Freud’s many self-developed myths are now widely applied in western culture and are influencing peoples’ way of thinking. Freud exhibited interest in classical myths and termed it evidence for a collective traits for the human nature of thought.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(The Effect of Narratives, Myths, and Folktales on Modern Cultural Prac Essay)
The Effect of Narratives, Myths, and Folktales on Modern Cultural Prac Essay.
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