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Towards the Understanding of Racism - Annotated Bibliography Example

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In this paper "Towards the Understanding of Racism", the authors are concerned with the various forms of racism and how the issue is evaded when programs of black empowerment are taken up. The authors say that hiding under this cocoon does not solve the problem…
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Towards the Understanding of Racism
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Extract of sample "Towards the Understanding of Racism"

Download file to see previous pages It acknowledges that there is racism and condemns it whenever possible. The way it does this, however, further reinforces and legitimizes racist practices, policies and attitudes. It is in the face of it seen to empower and defend the black community.

The authors discuss the issue of affirmative action and how it is a form of benevolent racism. The authors’ show how this type of racism emerged in the United States of America and how it has developed to the level it is today. They show the hypocrisy in which the programs for black empowerment have been dealt with. They then go ahead and give insight into what can be done to clear this menace, and what the activists of racial equality can do to ensure that benevolent racism does not thrive. The authors then give examples of programs that are carried to show this kind of racism. They state that there is a lot of prejudice in the way things are carried out in the name of black empowerment. The black people are expected to take up the chances to their advantage. For example, if policies that require that those people who are likely to face racial prejudice get access to certain services are done away with, the end result will be that fewer of those people get those services. It is telling such people to beat the status quo and succeed in doing so without giving them the means to do so.

Carlos in this journal mainly dwells on the definition of racism. He explains what different people hold as racism and its origin. He states what he perceives to be racism as he analyzes the works of other people who have dealt with this issue. He gives a clear, useful and consistent understanding of the term racism. It is the concern of Carlos in his work that the term racism does not have a similar definition to all people. He explores the different definitions that are there.  The reason he does this is because he feels that for there to be a comprehensive definition of the term racism, then all ideologies and the different views on this term should be taken into account. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Towards the Understanding of Racism Annotated Bibliography, n.d.)
Towards the Understanding of Racism Annotated Bibliography.
(Towards the Understanding of Racism Annotated Bibliography)
Towards the Understanding of Racism Annotated Bibliography.
“Towards the Understanding of Racism Annotated Bibliography”.
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