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The Indians of South East America and Their Traditions - Essay Example

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This paper "The Indians of South-East America and Their Traditions" focuses on the fact that South Eastern Indian people are Native American Indians who occupy the South-Eastern part of the US. The cultural practices of Indian people were similar to those of Indians from the neighbouring regions. …
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The Indians of South East America and Their Traditions
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Extract of sample "The Indians of South East America and Their Traditions"

Download file to see previous pages A common term is used to refer to the inter-relation of culture and traditions that are the Eastern Woodlands. South-East America has a coastal low belt, with a sub-tropical zone, mostly found in Southern Florida. Its ecological zone is composed of sandy soil, a scrub forest, and savanna grassland. It has hills, Apachalian Mountains, a river system, with forests of hickory and oak (Owings, 52). On this background, this paper analyzes the pre-contact traditions and cultural values of the South East Indians, and changes after contact with the colonialists, and colonialism in the region.

Evidence on the cultural values and ethics of the Indian tribes of South Eastern America is found mostly in their oral history, ethnography, historical documents, and folklore. For instance, some of their traditions involved the use of ceremonial mounds, consumption and use of corn, and emphasis on social stratification. This was mostly depicted amongst Indians who aligned themselves with the Mississippian culture (Owings, 32). These tribes also developed products of art such as seats, and drawings and Cahokia was their main cultural centre. The language was also a symbol of their cultural values, and language families such as the Caddoan, Iroquoian, Muskogean, and Siouan existing.

The Muskogean was the largest linguistic group and had various sub-tribes such as the Creek, Choctaw, and the Apalachee. Members of the Siouan language included the tribes of the Biloxis, Tutelo, and the Catawbas (Owings, 27). It is significant to denote that these tribes spoke different languages but were categorized in the mentioned linguistic groups, because of the dialect they spoke (Owings, 17). In this region, there was a common language which was used for purposes of transacting business.
This language was called Mobilian and within it, there were numerous components of the Choctaw language.   ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(The Indians of South East America and Their Traditions Essay, n.d.)
The Indians of South East America and Their Traditions Essay.
(The Indians of South East America and Their Traditions Essay)
The Indians of South East America and Their Traditions Essay.
“The Indians of South East America and Their Traditions Essay”.
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