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How Framing Analysis Has Been Used to Make Islamic Culture - Assignment Example

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The paper "How Framing Analysis Has Been Used to Make Islamic Culture" states that recently Islamic religion or culture has experienced increased following given the fact that there has been an effective application of framing concepts that have far attracted many unbelievers…
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How Framing Analysis Has Been Used to Make Islamic Culture
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Extract of sample "How Framing Analysis Has Been Used to Make Islamic Culture"

Download file to see previous pages Despite earlier sceptic assessments on the theoretical application of framing analysis to identify and evaluate discourse, there is some light seen in respect to various leaders that have applied the concepts to persuade their subjects after analyzing available discourse. Many scholars significantly believe that in order to attain effectiveness within framing analysis there is a need to employ different concepts of framing analysis.
Analysis of discourse through framing analysis relies on the cultural dynamisms experienced amongst subjects (Phillips & Hardy, 2002). Cultural dynamisms dictate the identification process of effective frames. While making choice of the frames to apply there is a need for empirical credibility as well as narrative fidelity. In other instances, leaders must identify frames that are frequently applied in addition to effectively aligning the identified frames. Through frames, leaders have been able to gain support for their ideologies from their subjects (Pradeep & Price, 2002). Such leaders have developed skills to play apply language in a way that inspires the subjects. Framing analysis that successful leaders have used in the past involved the art of framing thoughts and ideas in a way that make them likeable to subjects. Consequently, this has contributed to increased support (Phillips & Hardy, 2002). Some of the concepts applied within framing analysis include the use of metaphors, stories, and visual images amongst other concepts.
Within the religious context, hundreds of thousands of believers are transforming to Islam religion. No doubt, Islam is a monotheistic religion basing its religious beliefs and ideologies on revelations received by Prophet Mohammed during the 7th century. These revelations were later recorded in one of the captivating religious books, Qur’an (Koran). Qur’an is considered as the Islam’s sacred text containing all the revelations given to Prophet Mohammed in order to use for his subjects.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Framing Analysis Has Been Used to Make Islamic Culture Assignment.
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