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Fire Gods in Greek, Hawaiian, and Norse Mythologies - Research Paper Example

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The essay analyzes fire gods in Greek, Hawaiian, and Norse mythologies, the evolution of primitive people’s ideas about extra-dimensional superhuman beings whom people worshiped. The author considers a myth about Hephaestus who had got both a divine and human beginnings…
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Fire Gods in Greek, Hawaiian, and Norse Mythologies
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Extract of sample "Fire Gods in Greek, Hawaiian, and Norse Mythologies"

Download file to see previous pages Hephaestus, the son Zeus and Hera, created both heavenly and earthly fire, including the fire of volcano and thunder. In Roman mythology, Hephaestus is changed into Vulcan. Greek mythologies present Hephaestus as a kind and lovable god. Unlike other Greek gods, Hephaestus has problems in his world and his physical unattractiveness and lame made him isolated from other gods. As Ryan Omega comments; First of all, he had his loveless parents, Zeus and Hera, who were king and queen of Olympus (Omega 45). His mother Hera threw him from Mount Olympus to the depths of the seas because of everlasting frustration and anger and it caused deformation on his leg. The similar way his wife Aphrodite, a Greek goddess of beauty was never loyal to her husband Hephaestus. His physical disabilities always make him as an outsider among the gods. In Greek stories, he was usually depicted as a bearded man having hammer and tongs which is considered the tools of a smith. Hestia, another Greek goddess of sacred fire also shared the status of god of fire with Hephaestus. Greek mythologies and stories have widely revered of the goddess Hestia and she has a vital influence on mythologies. Scholars and researchers have identified that nothing like other Greek gods Hestia does not provide a story about her. In books, Hestia is identified through the symbol of a sacred flame and the circle. Perry L. Westmoreland remarks that “Like a gentle spirit, she tends to the fragrant and undying flames of the sacred fires in the palace, and she is the goddess of the hearth, home, and family” (Westmoreland 95). In Greek mythology, fire gods are presented as virtuous figures and their existence influence the life of living things in the world and their blessings are essential for existence.
Norse mythology is also rich, though not so rich, with gods and goddesses like Greek mythology. One can identify a number of gods accompanied by Norse beliefs and traditions and the majority of them are worshipped at present. This is interesting to note that the Norse Mythology is still fascinating millions of people. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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