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How Is the Internet Reshaping What We Mean by Culture - Research Paper Example

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In the paper “How Is the Internet Reshaping What We Mean by Culture?” the author explores the implications of the Internet on culture. Culture is a very diverse term that has numerous connotations depending on the society. The Internet has certainly revolutionized the pattern of living…
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How Is the Internet Reshaping What We Mean by Culture
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Extract of sample "How Is the Internet Reshaping What We Mean by Culture"

Download file to see previous pages When we analyze the phenomenon called the internet, we can see that the Internet is very powerful because of two main reasons. Firstly, the Internet serves as the biggest resource of information and secondly, it provides an interactive medium to communicate and share the information that is available. To add to this, the information on the internet is constantly increasing day by day. The Internet today can fulfill any task given – provide news or entertainment, research, communication, voting, banking, and trading transactions, shopping and so on. However, one challenge that is being faced is that this medium is that it is very open and unregulated. Each user has the right to provide user-generated content that has often led thinkers to contemplate about the impact of the Internet on culture. The vastness of the internet has made it clear that the Internet fosters a more complex system of relationships and culture than what existed previously. The interesting debate that has ensued is that whether the internet has created a cultural divide or has been successful in erasing the cultural divide that was present. Over the years, the internet has been such a revolution that most of the society was awed by it that it was difficult to look at the aspects that were negative. The triumphal, self-congratulating rhetoric surrounding the Internet has made it impervious to criticism (Siegel, 2008). In this article, the attempt is to discuss the positive as well as the negative implications on a culture that the internet has brought along. A very crucial aspect of the internet on society is that it has created what can be called the ‘global village’ (Zurawski 1998). The Internet has been able to erase many national, international, political, racial and social boundaries. Effective interaction and communication have made it easy for ethnic cultures to amalgamate, assimilate and develop more tolerance for each other. Let us take the example of economics and finance. In the pre-internet era, the currency was a big deterrent in activities like shopping, banking or stock trading. Now, with the Internet and e-commerce, the currency barrier has been set aside. It is possible for an individual to engage in an online transaction in any country without having the physical currency of that country. People across the globe can engage in stock related transactions without having to be physically present in a particular place at a particular time. The Internet has been able to provide anonymity that has in a way contributed to removing some cultural boundaries (Carney, 2009). On the Internet, individuals from various nationalities can participate in forums and engage in discussions without subjecting any individuals to any form of the racial or cultural divide. The anonymity has provided the freedom of expressing which the traditional culture did not provide too many diverse groups and communities. In this way, the Internet has provided an inclusion and opened a pathway for better communication and assimilation. Each individual can participate in discussions in the forums and express their individuality.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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How Is the Internet Reshaping What We Mean by Culture Research Paper.
“How Is the Internet Reshaping What We Mean by Culture Research Paper”, n.d.
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