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The Hunter-Gatherer Life of the Hadza in a Contemporary World - Case Study Example

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This study seeks to elucidate the Hadza community that has remained impervious to changes in a world that are changing with unimagined pace. The way of living of Hadza community differs remarkably from that of neighboring communities and the entire Tanzanian society…
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The Hunter-Gatherer Life of the Hadza in a Contemporary World
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Extract of sample "The Hunter-Gatherer Life of the Hadza in a Contemporary World"

Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that the Hadza are hunters and gatherers inhabiting the eastern rift valley in northern Tanzania in East Africa. Marlowe compared the community with Ju hoansi of Southern Africa, who later changed their lifestyles in the 1970’s to embrace emerging changes in the country. According to Marlowe, both communities had almost similar tools and kits, hunted similar animals and gathered identical plants. In addition, they built similar dwelling structures and had the same family system. The population of the Hadza has been on a gradual increase and currently, they are about 1000 people. The community lives around Lake Eyasi, which is a large and seasonal saline lake that dries up during the dry season. The entire Hadza population has not been entirely studied especially a quarter of the entire population that lives on the western part of the lake. The remaining population of the community is distributed across an approximately 2500 km2 of land on the eastern part of the lake. Ndagala and Waane conducted a study on the Hadza community that lives on the eastern part of the lake to establish their interactions with each other, environment and communities around them. The researchers found that about half of them live entirely on hunting wild animals, digging wild tubers, collecting honey, fruits, and berries from available trees. The remaining Hadza community members on the eastern part of the lake survive by foraging and engaging in other activities such as guarding maize farms of the neighboring communities against wild animals. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Hunter-Gatherer Life of the Hadza in a Contemporary World Case Study.
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