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The Development of the Cultural Capital Projects Contributing to Urban Regeneration - Term Paper Example

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This paper "The Development of the Cultural Capital Projects Contributing to Urban Regeneration" discusses the development of cultural capital projects aimed at urban regeneration is a complex process involving the interaction of socio-economic, cultural aspects…
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The Development of the Cultural Capital Projects Contributing to Urban Regeneration
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Extract of sample "The Development of the Cultural Capital Projects Contributing to Urban Regeneration"

Download file to see previous pages Urban regeneration involves the development of land for urban use and has gained importance during the late 19th century. This urban regeneration contributes a lot to the history and development of a place or city. In all these developments, the impact of culture has a great part. According to an article, The contribution of culture to regeneration in the UK (2004), the relation between culture and regeneration has been identified by three relations, namely culture-led regeneration, cultural regeneration and finally culture and regeneration. Thus the role of culture in urban development and regeneration seems to be very strong. Also, a dynamic and innovative cultural sector acts as an indicator for the overall growth of the urban sector. The involvement of culture in urban regeneration has great impacts on the local economy, new policies for the development of cultural industries, the quality of lifestyle in the cities and the overall image of the city. The major aspects of the development of cultural capital projects towards urban regeneration are new culture policies that need to increase community involvement and social issues as a priority.

The relationship between culture and cities, creative industries and culture have been studied extensively by authors like Landry and Bianchini, (1995), Florida, (2002), Bianchini and Parkinson, (1993) and others. New urban cultural policies have contributed a lot to the urban regeneration of the West European countries. A major factor that contributed to the need for urban regeneration happens to be the reduced working time and the high amount of disposable income. Due to this factor, it could be seen that many people tend to spend more on leisure activities. Lavanga (2006) states that this change in cultural habits among the people acts as the key for urban regeneration, which demands “city governments to increase the expenditure on culture and create specialized bureaucracies and policymaking bodies. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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