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The Amish Tradition: Faith, Family and Community - Essay Example

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This brief essay focuses on the traditions of the Amish in an effort to further the understanding of their traditions as a group within our society, which chooses to keep itself segregated from the greater community and society in order that their own traditions do not become polluted…
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The Amish Tradition: Faith, Family and Community
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Extract of sample "The Amish Tradition: Faith, Family and Community"

Download file to see previous pages In America, the presence of the Amish, dressed in their traditional homespun – intentionally misspelled as it represents the county of Holmes – is a dual dichotomy. On one hand, the Amish serve as the source of an almost obsessive fascination amongst those rural Pennsylvania tourists. Then, conversely, the Amish are the victims of an almost abusive prejudice as members of their own greater community, the community beyond their own Amish community. Any animosity towards the Amish community is as a result of the Amish’s resistance towards integration or inclusion beyond their own community (Mason, Andrew, p. 113). Amish live their lives not just as a religious group, but as a religious organization. Their community has private schools, and the regulations for the education of boys and girls are different than the mainstream (Olshan, Marc, 1990, p. 604). The general public has little understanding of the ways of the Amish, except that their lives are succinctly regulated by their religious beliefs.
There is much to be learned from a study of the Amish tradition, if for no other reason than to remove the threat that not understanding their lifestyle and tradition poses to those people who are intimidated to the point of hostility against the Amish.
In order to keep their traditions from becoming distorted by those of the greater community and society, the Amish choose to disregard the greater community. It is, however, impossible for any large group to completely segregate themselves from the greater community and society. When, as it is often necessary for the Amish to do, they must move about in the greater community, it with a movement within the parameters of the laws and social norms of the greater community and society, although even then the Amish maintain their own distinct traditions. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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The Amish Tradition: Faith, Family and Community Essay.
(The Amish Tradition: Faith, Family and Community Essay)
The Amish Tradition: Faith, Family and Community Essay.
“The Amish Tradition: Faith, Family and Community Essay”.
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