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Culture during the Early Paleolithic Period - Coursework Example

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The researcher of this paper "Culture during the Early Paleolithic Period" aims to analyze how the early Paleolithic period seems to have been concentrated on the production of chipped flint tools with an occasional use of bones, horns to assist in cutting, scraping and other survival needs…
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Culture during the Early Paleolithic Period
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Extract of sample "Culture during the Early Paleolithic Period"

Download file to see previous pages The flickering light of a torch, which would have been their only source of light in some of these deeper caves, would have created an illusion, thanks to the artistry involved, that the animals are living and breathing rather than merely painted, meaning these artists were far more sophisticated than some of the images might suggest in printed reproductions.
The small sculptured women that have been found everywhere are also amazing for the amount of detail and reverence obviously poured into them. The fact that they are so numerous supports the idea that they served as a sort of religious symbol for an Earth Mother religious system. As the ancient peoples continued to innovate, discovering new materials such as pottery or textiles and new ways of living, such as farming and herding, the artistic record became more fragile but more complex as well. The tremendous flexibility of pottery to mold to the ideal shape of its maker’s hands began to provide a means of differentiating between the various tribes that roamed the earth in ancient days, creating a sort of record of their lives and illustrating what was important to them. By studying the shapes and the images depicted, people today can learn much about the earth’s earliest farmers.
Art in the ancient world was highly developed by the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans. Each of these civilizations existed for very long periods of time, making it possible to distinguish their art by various periods as well as by culture. In Egypt, much of this creativity was stifled by a strong adherence to traditional practices and concepts regarding ‘true’ art. Thus, the art of Egypt is characterized by flat figures, geometric forms, and an interesting twist on the perspective that enables the viewer to see the profile of the legs and face but often a frontal image of the torso and eyes. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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