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American Films and the Chinese Culture - Research Proposal Example

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This research is meant to critically explore and exhaust the influence that films, especially those in the US have on the perceptions of people for the Chinese culture. The basic and main purpose of this research is to critically analyze and evaluate how people perceive the Chinese culture…
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American Films and the Chinese Culture
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Extract of sample "American Films and the Chinese Culture"

Download file to see previous pages The research "American Films and the Chinese Culture" is meant to critically explore and exhaust the influence that films, especially those in the US have on the perceptions of people for the Chinese culture. This research is very important because everybody belongs to a culture. Furthermore, we are living in a globalized environment that values a cultural and racial diversity. To efficiently and effectively work together, it is important to understand the culture and values of other people. This would play a positive role in helping people to interact efficiently and effectively with each other. Having a wrong perception and the one which is negative concerning a particular culture may lead to stigmatization, discrimination, social labeling to the culture that is portrayed negatively.
This would affect the development and growth of diversity in the international system. This research is therefore important because it would play a role in correcting the negative perceptions that people may have towards the Chinese culture. The culture under consideration is that the Chinese people are violent, majorly because of their Kung Fu cultural value. There is a considerable debate on the importance of Kung Fu amongst the Chinese people. However, controversy arises on the role of Kung Fu amongst the Chinese people. One side of the debate argues that Kung Fu is a violent cultural practice of the Chinese people. This is majorly because it promotes the use of martial arts, for purposes of killing the opponents of an individual. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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