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Silang Visits His Mother: A Chinese Opera - Essay Example

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The current paper reveals a brief synopsis of the Chinese operas "Silang Visits His Mother" and “Grass Boats Borrowing Arrows". This essay will address the problems of the performance of the play at the time. The play's characters aimed at restoring the patriotism in China…
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Silang Visits His Mother: A Chinese Opera
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Download file to see previous pages Mr. Yang then successfully went through the Liao pass and proceeded to the Song camps at great speed. His nephew captured him outside the camps, and he was brought to his entire family. Finally, he called on his mother who was on the frontier. Yang then hurriedly returned to Liao at Liao just after the short reunion. The Liao military had home captured on his way home. The mother of the princess saw through his being among the “Generals of the Yang Family” and ordered a military to behead him. But, the princess begged her mother and Yang got saved from death by his wife (Jin 12).
Chinese opera are popular forms of musical and drama theatre in China that has roots in the early periods in China. It comprises performance art with the amalgamation of diverse art forms that existed in China in ancient times and evolved gradually over thousand years and reaching its mature form in the 13th century during Song Dynasty. The early forms of the Chinese opera are simple though currently they get incorporated and can get found in music, martial arts, song and dance, acrobatics and the literary art forms turning out to Chinese Opera. Recently, there are many Chinese Opera branches, and Beijing Opera is among the most noticeable (Jin 10).
Peking Opera has great influence on the modern European theatre from Brecht and Stanislavsky amongst others. The play got banned by the Chinese government on 25th October 1937 due to its content (Jin 11). Most people accused the play to enhance illicit relations with enemies, presenting an act that is cowardly presented and enhancing the Taiwan mainlanders to “surrender to the enemy” the communist.
The main characters included Yang Si Lang, Tie Jing, Yang mother and Jing mother. Their roles get classified according to personality and age characters. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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