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Tea Culture between Asian and Western Countries - Essay Example

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Tea forms an important aspect in people’s lives both in China and the western countries especially the UK and in the USA. Apart from tea being a healthy and natural drink liked in almost every part of the world, it has formed a unique culture between Asian and Western countries…
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Tea Culture between Asian and Western Countries
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Download file to see previous pages British afternoon tea was the most popular during ceremonies. Anna the Duchess of Bedford was the inventor of the afternoon teas. At the time it was only the wealthy individuals who could manage to buy tea. The wealthy individuals could then invite their friends so as to celebrate the festivities. The tea was later stored in the Chinese porcelain and served with other delicate goodies like sandwiches, cakes, scones, tarts, cream, biscuits and bread. Tea from India was stored in silver tea-pots which was later poured into bone-china cups. This was symbolic in terms of the economic wealth of an individual. The Britons also had the high tea which was taken during dinner time and tea breaks which was normally during mornings as part of their strict customs. In all the occasions, the European took tea when celebrating with friends and families.In Chinese, the tea was taken in a special environment. During the large parties and the imperial tea festivities, it usually involved many participants. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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